Britannia, by William Camden

Brigantes, or Birgantes.

Box T THE Brigantes seem to have been seated between the mouth of the river Swire, and the confluence of the Neor and Barrow; which last is call’d by Ptolemy Brigus. And because there was an ancient City of the Brigantes in Spain, call’d Brigantia;Birgus, now Barrow. Florianus del Campo takes a great deal of pains to derive these Brigantes from his own country of Spain. But, if conjectures are to be allow’d, others may as probably derive them from the Brigantes of Britain, a Nation both near and populous. However, if what I find in some Copies be true, that these People were call’d Birgantes, both he and others are plainly under a mistake: for then they take their name from the river Birgus ⌈now Barrow,⌉ about which they inhabit; as appears from the affinity of the names. These Brigantes (or Birgantes,Birgantes. which you please) peopled the Counties of Kilkenny, Ossery, and Caterlogh, all, water’d by the river Birgus.

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