Britannia, by William Camden


Big S SINCE Ireland hath been subject to the Crown of England, the Kings of this Realm have sent their Vice-Roys to administer the publick affairs there; who at first, in their Letters Patents or Commissions, were stil’d Keepers of Ireland; after that, at pleasure,Lords Deputies of Ireland. Justices, Lieutenants, and Deputies of Ireland. Their Jurisdiction and authority is ample and Royal; they make war and peace, ⌈with Rebels, or Invaders, upon sudden Emergencies;⌉ have power to fill all Places and Offices, except some very few; to pardon all Crimes, but that of High-treason; to confer Knighthood, &c. These Letters Patents, when any one enters upon this honourable office, are publickly read; and after the new Deputy has taken the usual Oath before the Chancellor, the sword, which is to be carried before him, is delivered into his hands, and he is seated in a Throne, attended by the Chancellor of the Kingdom, the Members of the Privy-Council, the Peers and Nobles, the King at Arms, a Serjeant at Arms, and other Officers of State. So that, whether we consider his jurisdiction and authority, or his train, attendance, and splendor; there is certainly no Vice-Roy in Christendom that comes nearer the grandeur and majesty of a King. His Council are, the Chancellor, the Treasurer, and such others of the Earls, Bishops, Barons, and Judges, as are of the Privy-Council. Orders or Degrees in Ireland.For Ireland has the same Orders and Degrees of Honour that England has, namely, Dukes, Marquisses, Earls, Barons, Esquires, &c.

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