Britannia, by William Camden

The Island Glotta, or Arran.

Glotta. Big W WIthin sight of Cunningham; amongst many other Islands, Glotta is of greatest eminence; an Island mentioned by Antoninus, in the very Frith of the river Glotta or Clyde; and called at this day from a Castle of the same name, Arran. The innermost parts are wholly mountainous, but the bottoms along the shore are well inhabited. The first Earl it had, that I read of, was * * Robert, C.
Earls of Arran.
Thomas Boid, whose Wife and Earldom together, upon Boid’s being banished the Kingdom, James Hamilton (as I mentioned before) obtain’d; and his Posterity enjoy’d the same; saving † † That of late, C.that James Steward, appointed Guardian to James Hamilton Earl of Arran (who was so defective in his understanding, that he could not manage the Estate,) took this Title in the right of being Guardian.

Buthe. Near this, stands Buthe, nam’d from a little Religious Cell founded by Brendanus (for so in Scotch they call a Cell,) which has a Sheriff of the Family of the Stewards.

Rothesay. In this Island is Rothesay ⌈Town and⌉ Castle, which gives the Title of Duke to the eldest Son of the King of Scotland (who is born Prince of Scotland, Duke of Rothsay, and High Steward of Scotland,) ever since King Robert the third invested David his eldest Son with the Dukedom of Rothsay; who was the first in Scotland that was honoured with the Title of Duke. With which Title Queen Mary honoured Henry Lord Darley, before she took him to be her Husband. Hellan. After this, in the same Bay, we have Hellan, antiently Hellan-Leneow, that is (according to J. Fordon’s interpretation,) The Saints Island; and Hellan Tinoc, that is, the Island of Hogs, with many other of less note. ⌈These Islands are erected into a Sheriffdom; and the Stewards of Bute, descended of a son of King Robert the second, are Heretable Sheriffs thereof. Also, in the year 1703, Bute was erected into an Earldom, in the person of Sir James Steuart, which is now enjoy’d by his son and heir.⌉


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