Britannia, by William Camden


Big C CARRICT comes next; a Country fruitful in Pasture, and abundantly furnished with Commodities both by Sea and Land. Here Ptolemy places both Rerigonium a creek (⌈probably the same with the bay of Glenluce,)⌉ and Rerigonium a Town. For which, in a very ancient Copy of Ptolemy, printed at Rome in 1480, we have Berigonium:Berigonium. So that I cannot chuse but think, it was that which is now called Bargeny.Bargeny. It † † Has, C.had a Lord of the Family of the KennedyesThe Kennedyes. (which came out of Ireland in the reign of Robert Brus;) a Family, noble, numerous, and powerful, in all this tract. ⌈But the Lands of Bargeny being purchased by Sir John Hamilton, natural son of John Marquiss of Hamilton; his son was created Lord Bargeny by King Charles the first.⌉ The Head of it, is Earl of CassilsEarls of Cassils. (the name of a Castle upon the River Dun, which is his seat;) ⌈the Family of Kennedy being first advanced to that honour by K. James the fourth, in the year 1509.⌉ Upon the banks of the same river, he hath another call’d Dunnur Castle;Dunnur Castle. and he is likewise hereditary Bailiff of this Province. For this, with Kyle and Cunningham, are the three Bailliaries of Scotland, so call’d, because they who govern these with ordinary power and jurisdiction, are stiled Bailiffs; a word coined in the middle age, which signifies amongst the Greeks, Sicilians, and French, a Conservator or Keeper.

Earls of Carrict. But Carrict, in former times, had its Earls. Lib. Malros. Not to mention Gilbert of Galloway’s Son (to whom King William gave Carrict entire, to be possess’d for ever) we read that Adam of Kilconah, about the year 1270, was Earl of Carrict, and died in the Holy War; whose only Daughter Martha fell in love with Robert Brus, a beautiful young Gentleman, as she saw him a hunting; and, making him her Husband, brought him the title and estate of Earl of Carrict and bore him Robert Brus, the renown’d King of Scotland, and founder of the royal Line. But the title of Earl of Carrict, being for some time left to the younger Sons of the Family of Brus, afterwards became an addition to the other Honours of the Princes of Scotland; ⌈and King Charles the first conferred this title upon John Stuart, descended from King James the fifth, by a natural Son.⌉

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