Britannia, by William Camden



Small U UPON the Ottadini, or Northumberland, bordered the Greek gadenoi (Gadeni) who, by the turning of one letter upside down, are called in some Copies of Ptolemy Ladeni, and were seated in the Country lying between the mouth of the River Tweed and Edenborough-Frith,Joh. Skene, de verborum significatione. which is now cantoned into many smaller Countries. The principal of them are Teifidale, Twedale, Merch, and Lothien, in Latin Lodeneium, under which general name the Writers of the middle age comprised them all.

But yet we must observe, that it is a point not universally agreed on, that the People inhabiting those four Counties were called Gadeni and Ladeni. For some are of opinion, that they are no other than those call’d (according to different Copies) Ottadini, Ottadeni, and Ottalini, and by that learned Gentleman Drummond of Hawthernden, Scottedeni; upon a supposition that the initial letters Sc were probably either quite gone, or so obscur’d as not to be legible; by which means the Transcribers might be drawn into an error. However, that they are to be carried farther Northward than Northumberland (to which they have been hitherto confin’d) is plain from Ptolemy’s fixing that Curia (the place remarkable amongst them) in the fifty-ninth degree of latitude. And in a village in Mid-Lothian call’d Cutrie, there seem to be plain remains of the old Curia; as there are of the Ottadeni, Scottedeni, &c. in Caer Eden, now called Carriden, in West-Lothian, where was found a Medal of Titus Vespasian in gold, with some Roman Urns, and a Stone with the Head of an Eagle engraven upon it. Dun-Eden also, the ancient name of Edenburgh, seems to point out to us that ancient People, and to prove that their bounds extended as far as the water of Eden, called yet by some Eden-water. About the mouth whereof, at a place call’d Inner-Even, are yet to be seen some remains of ancient Buildings.⌉

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