Britannia, by William Camden



Most Gracious Sovereign,

I I Humbly present to your Majesty a Description of your Kingdoms of Great-Britain and Ireland; in a true sense of the signal Deliverance they receiv’d, and of the manifold Blessings deriv’d to them by coming under a succession of Protestant Princes in your Illustrious House. And in these Acknowledgments, I am sure to be join’d by every Subject in your Majesty’s Dominions; except such, who are capable of sacrificing the Religion and Liberties of their Country to their own Ambition and Interest, and such, who are misled by them to serve those unworthy and unnatural Ends.

When we consider the terrible Storm which threaten’d these Protestant Kingdoms a few years ago, and that, humanly speaking, nothing could have preserv’d us from Destruction, but your Majesty’s Relation to the Royal Family founded on a Marriage above a Hundred years since; We cannot but adore the Wisdom and Goodness of God, in laying such a Train of Providences, for our Deliverance in that Hour of Extremity. But yet even this Alliance it self might not have preserv’d us, had not the Crown stood entail’d upon a person, whose Character for Wisdom, Courage and Steadiness, did at once dispirit the Enemies of the Protestant Succession, and animate the true Patriots of their Country in their Endeavours and Resolutions to maintain it.

It is this Alliance which has made Us happy in your Majesty and your Royal Family, and which entitles You to the Love of every Subject, as a Prince of our own Blood; especially, when that Endearment of Blood is enforc’d by so much Graciousness of Temper and Disposition. But the ensuing Work points out a Relation between your Majesty and these Kingdoms, of a far more Ancient Date. Not only our Histories, but our Language, our Laws, our Customs, our Names of Persons and Names of Places, do all abundantly testify, that the greatest part of your Majesty’s Subjects here, are of Saxon Original. And if we enquire from whence our Saxon Ancestors came, we shall find, that it was from your Majesty’s Dominions in Germany, where their Brethren who staid behind, spread themselves through a noble and spacious Country, which still retains their Name. So that the main Body of your People in both Nations, are really descended from one and the same common Stock; and now, after a Disunion of so many Ages, they live again under the Protection and Influence of the same common Parent.

But this Influence is not confin’d to your own Dominions; To your immortal Honour, it extends to every quarter where the Protestant Religion is profess’d, in the Protection whereof against the Tyrannies of Popery, your Majesty has exerted your Power and Interest in a most distinguishing manner; for which you have the Prayers of the present Age, and your Memory will be bless’d to all Posterity.

May God Almighty prosper your Majesty in all your Endeavours and Undertakings for the Good of Mankind, and particularly in the Defence and Support of our Church and Religion! May the glorious character, Of being the Head and Heart of the Protestant Cause in Europe, which your Majesty has asserted with so much Zeal and Honour, never be separated from the British Diadem! May your Example, and those publick Testimonies which you have given of your general Care over the Whole Protestant Body, teach that whole Body the necessary Lesson of Union, against all the Attempts and Stratagems of Popery and Superstition! And, finally (as the just Reward of a mild and merciful Government, and of a zealous and tender concern for the Truth of the Gospel and the Professors of it) may your Majesty enjoy a long, happy, and peaceful Reign here upon Earth, and after that be recompens’d with an Immortal Crown of Glory in Heaven.

These are the sincere and hearty Prayers of,

May it please your Majesty,
Your Majesty’s most faithful,
and devoted Servant
Edm. Lincoln.

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