The Bride of Abydos, by George Byron

Note to the Mss. of The Bride of Abydos.

The Mss. of the Bride of Abydos are contained in a bound volume, and in two packets of loose sheets, numbering thirty-two in all, of which eighteen represent additions, etc., to the First Canto; and fourteen additions, etc., to the Second Canto.

The bound volume consists of a rough copy and a fair copy of the first draft of the Bride; the fair copy beginning with the sixth stanza of Canto I.

The “additions” in the bound volume consist of —

1. Stanza xxviii. of Canto II. — here called “Conclusion” (fifty-eight lines). And note on “Sir Orford’s Letters.”

2. Eight lines beginning, “Eve saw it placed,” at the end of stanza xxviii.

3. An emendation of six lines to stanza v. of Canto II., with reference to the comboloio, the Turkish rosary.

4. Forty additional lines to stanza xx. of Canto II., beginning, “For thee in those bright isles,” and being the first draft of the addition as printed in the Revises of November 13, etc.

5. Stanza xxvii. of Canto II., twenty-eight lines.

6. Ten additional lines to stanza xxvii., “Ah! happy!” — “depart.”

7. Affixed to the rough Copy in stanza xxviii., fifty-eight lines, here called “Continuation.” This is the rough Copy of No. 1.

The eighteen loose sheets of additions to Canto I. consist of —

1. The Dedication.

2. Two revisions of “Know ye the land.”

3. Seven sheets, Canto I. stanzas i.-v., being the commencement of the Fair Copy in the bound volume.

4. Two sheets of the additional twelve lines to Canto I. stanza vi., “Who hath not proved,” — “Soul.”

5. Four sheets of notes to Canto I. stanza vi., dated November 20, November 22, 1813.

6. Two sheets of notes to stanza xvi.

7. Sixteen additional lines to stanza xiii.

The fourteen additional sheets to Canto II. consist of —

1. Ten lines of stanza iv., and four lines of stanza xvii.

2. Two lines and note of stanza v.

3. Sheets of additions, etc., to stanza xx. (eight sheets).

(α) Eight lines, “Or, since that hope,” — “thy command.”

(β) “For thee in those bright isles” (twenty-four lines).

(γ) “For thee,” etc. (thirty-six lines).

(δ) “Blest as the call” (three variants).

(ε) “For thee in those bright isles” (seven lines).

(ζ) Fourteen lines, “There ev’n thy soul,” — “Zuleika’s name,” “Aye — let the loud winds,” — “bars escape,” additional to stanza xx.

4. Two sheets of five variants of “Ah! wherefore did he turn to look?” being six additional lines to stanza xxv.

5. Thirty-five lines of stanza xxvi.

6. Ten lines, “Ah! happy! but,” — “depart.” And eleven lines, “Woe to thee, rash,” — “hast shed,” being a continuous addition to stanza xxvii.


Endorsed —

  1. November 13, 1813.
  2. November 15, 1813.
  3. November 16, 1813.
  4. November 18, 1813.
  5. November 19, 1813.
  6. November 21, 1813.
  7. November 23, 1813.
  8. November 24, 1813. A wrong date,
  9. November 25, 1813.
  10. An imperfect revise = Nos. i.-v.

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