Anatomy of Melancholy, by Robert Burton

The Synopsis of the Second Partition.

Cure of melancholy is either

Sect. 2. Dietetical, which consists in reforming those six non-natural things, as in

Memb. 6. Passions and perturbations of the mind rectified.

Sect. 4. Pharmaceutics, or Physic which cureth with medicines, with a digression of this kind of physic, is either Memb. 1. Subsect. 1.

Medicines purging melancholy are either Memb. 2.

♊ Chirurgical physic, which consists of Memb. 3.

Sect. 5. Cure of head-melancholy. Memb. 1.

2. Memb. Cure of melancholy over the body.

♍ Cure of hypochondriacal or windy melancholy. 3. Memb.

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