Vikram and the Vampire, by Richard Burton

List of Illustrations

  1. He was playing upon a human skull with two shank bones
  2. He once more seized the Baital's hair
  3. During the three hours of return hardly a word passed between the pair
  4. Went up to her with polite salutations
  5. Having said this, he threw one of the sweetmeats to the dog
  6. Mounting their horses, followed the party
  7. He dismissed the palanquin-bearers
  8. He set out alone with his ill-gotten wealth
  9. The king, puffing with fury, followed him at the top of his speed, and caught him by his tail
  10. In the meantime a traveller, a Rajput, by name Birbal
  11. The Baital disappeared through the darkness
  12. As, however, he passed through a back street
  13. After a few minutes the signal was answered
  14. The two then raised, by their united efforts, a heavy trap-door
  15. Treading with the foot of a tiger-cat
  16. The king was cunning at fence, and so was the thief
  17. Presently the demon was trussed up as usual
  18. Baman, the second suitor, tied up a bundle and followed
  19. Meanwhile Madhusadan, the third, became a Jogi
  20. The householder's wife came to serve up the food, rice and split peas
  21. Madhusadan proceeded to make his incantations, despite terrible sights in the air
  22. Vikram placed his bundle upon the ground, and seated himself cross-legged before it
  23. They tried to live without a monthly allowance, and notably they failed
  24. An edifying spectacle, indeed, for the world to see: a cross old man sitting amongst his gallipots and crucibles
  25. The bone thereupon stood upright, and hopped about
  26. With a roar like thunder
  27. They prepared for their task
  28. But their eyes had met
  29. As they emerged upon the plain, they were attacked by the kiratas
  30. Then a horrid thought flashed across her mind; she perceived her fatal mistake
  31. There he found the jogi
  32. As he bent down to salute the goddess
  33. Tailpiece

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