The Perfumed Garden, by Richard Burton

Table of Contents

The Perfumed Garden of the Sheikh Nefzaoui

  1. Concerning Praiseworthy men
  2. Concerning Women who Deserve to be Praised
  3. About men who are to be Held in Contempt
  4. About Women who are to be Held in Contempt
  5. Relating to the act of Generation
  6. Concerning everything that is Favourable to the act of Coition
  7. Of Matters which are Injurious in the act of Generation
  8. The Sundry Names to the Sexual parts of man
  9. Sundry Names given to the Sexual Organs of Women 127
  10. Concerning the Organs of Generation of Animals
  11. On the Deceits and Treacheries of Women
  12. Concerning Sundry Observations Useful to know for men and Women
  13. Concerning the Causes of Enjoyment in the act of Generation
  14. Description of the Uterus of Sterile Women and Treatment of the same
  15. Concerning Medicines which Provoke Abortion
  16. Concerning the Causes of Impotence in Men
  17. Undoing of Aiguillettes (impotence for a Time)
  18. Prescription for Increasing the Dimensions of small members and for Making them Splendid
  19. Of things that take away the bad Smell from the Armpits and Sexual Parts of Women and Contract the Latter
  20. Instructions with Regard to Pregnancy and how the Gender of the Child that is to be Born may be Known — that is to say, Knowledge of the Sex of the Foetus.
  21. Forming the Conclusion of this work, and Treating of the good Effects of the Regulation of Eggs as Favourable to the Coitus

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