Pilgrimage to Al-Madinah and Meccah, by Richard Burton

Table of Contents

Preface to the Memorial Edition.

Preface to the Third Edition.

Preface to the First Edition.


Part I— Al-Misr

  1. To Alexandria.
  2. I Leave Alexandria.
  3. The Nile Steamboat — The “Little Asthmatic.”
  4. Life in the Wakalah.
  5. The Ramazan.
  6. The Mosque.
  7. Preparations to Quit Cairo.
  8. From Cairo to Suez.
  9. Suez.
  10. The Pilgrim Ship.
  11. To Yambu’.
  12. The Halt at Yambu’.
  13. From Yambu’ to Bir Abbas.
  14. From Bir Abbas to Al-Madinah.

Part II— Al-Madinah

  1. Through the Suburb of Al-Madinah to Hamid’s House.
  2. A Visit to the Prophet’s Tomb.
  3. An Essay Towards the History of the Prophet’s Mosque.
  4. Al-Madinah.
  5. A Ride to the Mosque of Kuba.
  6. The Visitation of Hamzah’s Tomb.
  7. The People of Al-Madinah.
  8. A Visit to the Saints’ Cemetery.
  9. The Damascus Caravan.
  10. From Al-Madinah to Al-Suwayrkiyah.
  11. The Badawin of Al-Hijaz.
  12. From Al-Suwayrkiyah to Meccah.

Part III— Meccah

  1. The First Visit to the House of Allah.
  2. The Ceremonies of the Yaum Al-Tarwiyah, or the First Day.
  3. The Ceremonies of the Yaum Arafat, or the Second Day.
  4. The Ceremonies of the Yaum Nahr, or the Third Day.
  5. The Three Days of Drying Flesh.
  6. Life at Meccah, and Umrah, or the Little Pilgrimage.
  7. Places of Pious Visitation at Meccah.
  8. To Jeddah.

Appendix I. Of Hajj, or Pilgrimage.

Appendix II. The Bayt Ullah.

Appendix III. Specimen of a Murshid’s Diploma, in the Kadiri Order of the Mystic Craft Al-Tasawwuf.

Appendix IV. The Navigation and Voyages of Ludovicus Vertomannus, Gentleman of Rome. A.d. 1503.

Appendix V. The Pilgrimage of Joseph Pitts to Meccah and Al-Madinah. — A.d. 1680

Appendix VI. Giovanni Finati.

Appendix VII. Notes on My Journey by A. Sprenger.

Appendix VIII. The Meccah Pilgrimage.


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