The Land of Midian, by Richard F. Burton

Table of Contents


Part I.

The March Through Madyan Proper (North Midian).

  1. Preliminary — from Trieste to Midian.
  2. The Start — from El-muwaylah to the “White Mountain” and ‘Aynúah.
  3. Breaking New Ground to Magháir Shu’ayb.
  4. Notices of Precious Metals in Midian — the Papyri and the Mediæval Arab Geographers.
  5. Work At, and Excursions From, Magháir Shu’Ayb.
  6. To Makná, and Our Work There — the Magáni or Maknáwis.
  7. Cruise from Maknáto El-‘Akabah.
  8. Cruise from El-‘Akabah to El–Muwaylah — the Shipwreck Escaped–Résumé of the Northern Journey.

Part II.

The March Through Central and Eastern Midian.

  1. Work in and Around El–Muwaylah.
  2. Through East Midian to the Hismá.
  3. The Unknown Lands South of the Hismá–Ruins of Shuwák and Shaghab.
  4. From Shaghab to Zibá— ruins of El–Khandakí’ and Umm Ámil — the Turquoise Mine–Return to El–Muwaylah.
  5. A Week Around and upon the Shárr Mountain–Résumé of the March Through Eastern or Central Midian.
  6. Down South — to El–Wijh–Notes on the Quarantine — the Hutaym Tribe.
  7. The Southern Sulphur-hill — the Cruise to El–Haurá— Notes on the Baliyy Tribe and the Volcanic Centres of North — Western Arabia.
  8. Our Last March — the Inland Fort — Ruins of the Gold-mines at Umm El–Karáyát and Umm El–Haráb.
  9. The March Continued to El–Badá–Description of the Plain Badais.
  10. Coal a “Myth”— March to Marwát — Arrival at the Wady Hamz.
  11. The Wady Hamz — the Classical Ruin — Abá‘l-Marú, the Mine of “Marwah”— Return to El–Wijh — Résumé of the Southern Journey.
  12. Conclusion.


  1. Dates of the Three Journeys (Northern, Central, and Southern) made by the Second Khedivial Expedition.
  2. Expenses of the Expedition to Midian
  3. Preserved provisions and other stores
  4. Botany and list of insects.
  5. Meteorological Journal

To the Memory of My Much Loved Niece,
Maria Emily Harriet Stisted,
Who Died at Dovercourt,
November 12, 1878.

“Gold shall be found, and found
In a land that’s not now known.”

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