The Romance of Lady Isabel Burton, by Isabel Burton

Table of Contents


Book I: Waiting

  1. Birth and Lineage
  2. My Childhood and Youth
  3. My First Season
  4. Boulogne: I Meet My Destiny
  5. Four Years of Hope Deferred
  6. Richard Loves Me
  7. My Continental Tour: Italy
  8. My Continental Tour: Switzerland
  9. They Meet Again
  10. At Last

Book II: Wedded

  1. Fernando Po
  2. Madeira
  3. Teneriffe
  4. A Trip to Portugal
  5. Brazil
  6. Our Expedition into the Interior
  7. Morro Velho and its Environs
  8. My Lonely Ride to Rio
  9. Home Again
  10. My Journey to Damascus
  11. In and About Damascus
  12. Early Days at Damascus
  13. Through the Desert to Palmyra
  14. Bludán in the Anti-Lebanon
  15. Gathering Clouds
  16. Jerusalem and the Holy Land
  17. The Recall
  18. The True Reasons of Burton's Recall
  19. The Passing of the Cloud
  20. Early Years at Trieste
  21. The Journey to Bombay
  22. India
  23. Trieste Again
  24. The Shadows Lengthen
  25. Gordon and the Burtons
  26. The Sword Hangs
  27. The Sword Falls

Book III: Widowed

  1. The Truth About “The Scented Garden”
  2. The Return to England
  3. The Tinkling of the Camel’s Bell

List of Illustrations

Original Title Page

Lady Burton at the age of 17
From an unfinished drawing

Her Sister
Mrs. Gerald Fitzgerald
I Dedicate This Book

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