The Poetical Works of Robert Burns, by Robert Burns

Table of Contents

  1. Winter. A Dirge.
  2. The Death and Dying Words of Poor Mailie, The Author’s Only Pet Yowe. An Unco Mournfu’ Tale.
  3. Poor Mailie’s Elegy.
  4. First Epistle to Davie, A Brother Poet
  5. Second Epistle to Davie, A Brother Poet.
  6. Address to the Deil
  7. The Auld Farmer’s New-year Morning Salutation to His Auld Mare Maggie, On Giving Her the Accustomed Ripp of Corn to Hansel in the New Year
  8. To a Haggis.
  9. A Prayer, Under the Pressure of Violent Anguish.
  10. A Prayer In the Prospect of Death.
  11. Stanzas On the Same Occasion.
  12. A Winter Night.
  13. Remorse. A Fragment.
  14. The Jolly Beggars. A Cantata.
  15. Death and Dr. Hornbook. A True Story.
  16. The Twa Herds: OR, The Holy Tulzie.
  17. Holy Willie’s Prayer.
  18. Epitaph on Holy Willie.
  19. The Inventory; In Answer to a Mandate by the Surveyor of the Taxes.
  20. The Holy Fair.
  21. The Ordination.
  22. The Calf. To the Rev. Mr. James Steven.
  23. To James Smith.
  24. The Vision.
  25. Halloween.
  26. Man was Made to Mourn. A Dirge.
  27. To Ruin.
  28. To John Goudie of Kilmarnock. On the Publication of His Essays
  29. To J. Lapraik. An Old Scottish Bard.
  30. To J. Lapraik.
  31. To J. Lapraik.
  32. To William Simpson, Ochiltree.
  33. Address To an Illegitimate Child.
  34. Nature’s Law. A Poem Humbly Inscribed to G. H. Esq.
  35. To the Rev. John M’math.
  36. To a Mouse, On Turning Her up in Her Nest with the Plough, November, 1785.
  37. Scotch Drink.
  38. The Author’s Earnest Cry and Prayer To the Scotch Representatives In the House of Commons.
  39. Address to the Unco Guid, Or the Rigidly Righteous.
  40. Tam Samson’s Elegy.
  41. Lament, Occasioned by the Unfortunate Issue of a Friend’s Amour.
  42. Despondency. An Ode.
  43. The Cotter’s Saturday Night. Inscribed to Robert Aiken, Esq.
  44. The First Psalm.
  45. The First Six Verses Of the Ninetieth Psalm.
  46. To a Mountain Daisy, On Turning One Down with the Plough in April, 1786.
  47. Epistle to a Young Friend. May, 1786.
  48. To a Louse, On Seeing One in a Lady’s Bonnet, at Church
  49. Epistle to J. Rankine, Enclosing Some Poems.
  50. On a Scotch Bard, Gone to the West Indies.
  51. The Farewell.
  52. Written On the Blank Leaf of a Copy of My Poems, Presented to an Old Sweetheart, then Married.
  53. A Dedication TO Gavin Hamilton, Esq.
  54. Elegy ON The Death of Robert Ruisseaux.
  55. Letter to James Tennant, Of Glenconner.
  56. On the Birth of a Posthumous Child.
  57. To Miss Cruikshank, A Very Young Lady. Written on the Blank Leaf of a Book, Presented To Her by the Author.
  58. Willie Chalmers.
  59. Lying at a Reverend Friend’s House on Night, The Author Left the Following Verses In the Room where he Slept.
  60. To Gavin Hamilton, Esq., Mauchline. (Recommending a Boy.)
  61. To Mr. M’adam, Of Craigen-gillan.
  62. Answer to a Poetical Epistle Sent to the Author by a Tailor.
  63. To J. Rankine.
  64. Lines Written on a Bank-note.
  65. A Dream.
  66. A Bard’s Epitaph.
  67. The Twa Dogs. A Tale.
  68. Lines ON Meeting with Lord Daer.
  69. Address to Edinburgh.
  70. Epistle to Major Logan.
  71. The Brigs of Ayr, A Poem, Inscribed to J. Ballantyne, Esq., Ayr.
  72. ON The Death of Robert Dundas, Esq., Of Arniston, Late Lord President of the Court of Session.
  73. On Reading in a Newspaper The Death of John M’leod, Esq. Brother to a Young Lady, a Particular Friend of the Author’s.
  74. To Miss Logan, With Beattie’s Poems for a New Year’s Gift. Jan. 1, 1787.
  75. The American War. A Fragment.
  76. The Dean of Faculty. A New Ballad.
  77. To a Lady, With a Present of a Pair of Drinking-glasses.
  78. To Clarinda.
  79. Verses Written Under The Portrait of Fergusson, The Poet, in a Copy of that Author’s Works Presented To a Young Lady.
  80. Prologue Spoken by Mr. Woods on His Benefit Night, Monday, 16 April, 1787.
  81. Sketch.
  82. To Mrs. Scott, Of Wauchope.
  83. Epistle to William Creech.
  84. The Humble Petition of Bruar Water To the Noble Duke of Athole.
  85. On Scaring Some Water-fowl In Loch-turit.
  86. Written with a Pencil, Over the Chimney-piece, in the Parlour of the Inn at Kenmore, Taymouth.
  87. Written with a Pencil, Standing by the Fall of Fyers, Near Loch-ness
  88. Poetical Address To Mr. W. Tytler, With the Present of the Bard’s Picture.
  89. Written in Friars-carse Hermitage, On the Banks of Nith. June. 1788.
  90. Written in Friars-carse Hermitage, On Nithside. December, 1788.
  91. To Captain Riddel, Of Glenriddel. Extempore Lines on Returning a Newspaper.
  92. A Mother’s Lament For the Death of Her Son.
  93. First Epistle To Robert Graham, Esq. Of Fintray.
  94. On the Death of Sir James Hunter Blair.
  95. Epistle to Hugh Parker.
  96. Lines Intended to Be Written Under A Noble Earl’s Picture.
  97. Elegy On the Year 1788 A Sketch.
  98. Address to the Toothache.
  99. Ode Sacred to the Memory of Mrs. Oswald, Of Auchencruive.
  100. Fragment Inscribed To the Right Hon. C.j. Fox.
  101. On Seeing A Wounded Hare Limp by Me, Which a Fellow had Just Shot.
  102. To Dr. Blacklock, In Answer to a Letter.
  103. Delia. An Ode.
  104. To John M’murdo, Esq.
  105. Prologue, Spoken at the Theatre, Dumfries, 1 Jan. 1790.
  106. Scots Prologue, For Mr. Sutherland’s Benefit Night, Dumfries.
  107. Sketch. New Year’s Day. To Mrs. Dunlop.
  108. To a Gentleman Who had Sent Him a Newspaper, and Offered to Continue it Free of Expense.
  109. The Kirk’s Alarm; A Satire.
  110. The Kirk’s Alarm. A Ballad.
  111. Peg Nicholson.
  112. ON Captain Matthew Henderson, A Gentleman who Held the Patent for His Honours Immediately from Almighty God.
  113. The Five Carlins. A Scots Ballad. Tune — Chevy Chase.
  114. The Laddies by the Banks O’ Nith.
  115. Epistle to Robert Graham, Esq. Of Fintray: On the Close of the Disputed Election Between Sir James Johnstone and Captain Miller, for The Dumfries District of Boroughs.
  116. ON Captain Grose’s Peregrinations Through Scotland, Collecting the Antiquities of that Kingdom.
  117. Written in a Wrapper, Enclosing A Letter to Captain Grose.
  118. Tam O’ Shanter. A Tale.
  119. Address of Beelzebub To the President of the Highland Society.
  120. To John Taylor.
  121. Lament of Mary, Queen of Scots, On the Approach of Spring.
  122. The Whistle.
  123. Elegy on Miss Burnet, Of Monboddo.
  124. Lament For James, Earl of Glencairn.
  125. Lines Sent to Sir John Whitefoord, Bart., Of Whitefoord. With the Foregoing Poem.
  126. Address to The Shade of Thomson, On Crowning His Bust at Ednam with Bays.
  127. To Robert Graham, Esq., Of Fintray.
  128. To Robert Graham, Esq., Of Fintray. On Receiving a Favour.
  129. A Vision.
  130. To John Maxwell of Terraughty, On His Birthday.
  131. The Rights of Woman. An Occasional Address Spoken by Miss Fontenelle On Her Benefit Night, Nov. 26, 1792.
  132. Monody, On a Lady Famed for Her Caprice.
  133. Epistle From Esopus to Maria.
  134. Poem On Pastoral Poetry.
  135. Sonnet, Written on the Twenty-fifth of January, 1793, The Birthday of the Author, on Hearing A Thrush Sing in a Morning Walk.
  136. Sonnet, On the Death of Robert Riddel, Esq. Of Glenriddel, April, 1794.
  137. Impromptu, On Mrs. R——’s Birthday.
  138. Liberty. A Fragment.
  139. Verses To a Young Lady.
  140. The Vowels. A Tale.
  141. Verses To John Rankine.
  142. On Sensibility. TO My Dear and Much Honoured Friend, Mrs. Dunlop, Of Dunlop.
  143. Lines, Sent to a Gentleman Whom he had Offended.
  144. Address, Spoken by Miss Fontenelle on Her Benefit Night.
  145. on Seeing Miss Fontenelle In a Favourite Character.
  146. To Chloris.
  147. Poetical Inscription For an Altar to Independence.
  148. The Heron Ballads.
  149. The Heron Ballads.
  150. The Heron Ballads.
  151. Poem, Addressed to Mr. Mitchell, Collector of Excise. Dumfries, 1796.
  152. To Miss Jessy Lewars, Dumfries. With Johnson’s ‘Musical Museum.’
  153. Poem on Life, Addressed to Colonel De Peyster. Dumfries, 1796.

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