Travels in Syria and the Holy Land, by John Lewis Burckhardt

Table of Contents

Preface of the Editor.

Journal of a Tour from Damascus in the Countries of the Libanus, and Anti-Libanus.

Journal of an Excursion into the Haouran in the Autumn and Winter of 1810.

Journal of a Tour from Aleppo to Damascus, Through the Valley of the Orontes and Mount Libanus, in February and March, 1812.

Journal of a Tour from Damascus into the Haouran, and the Mountains to the E. and S.e. of the Lake of Tiberias. in the Months of April and May, 1812.

Political Divisions of the Country to the Southward of Damascus; with Remarks On the Inhabitants of the Haouran.

Description of a Journey from Damascus through the Mountains of Arabia Petræa and the Desert El Ty, to Cairo; in the Summer of 1812.

Journal of a Tour in the Peninsula of Mount Sinai, in the Spring of 1816.


  1. An Account of the Ryhanlu Turkmans.
  2. On the Political Division of Syria, and the recent Changes in the Govern­ment of Aleppo.
  3. The Hadj Route from Damascus to Mekka.
  4. Description of the Route from Boszra in the Haouran, to the Djebel Shammor.
  5. A Route to the eastward of the Castle El Hassa.
  6. Description of the Desert from the Neighbourhood of Damascus towards the Euphrates.

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