Early Experiences of Life in South Australia, by John Wrathall Bull

Table of Contents


Book 1.

  1. Visits of explorers to Kangaroo Island during the years 1802 and 1819
  2. First “squatters” on Kangaroo Island — Arrival of ships with settlers, emigrants, and staff of the South Australian Company — First trade with Sydney
  3. Arrival of Colonel Light, Surveyor–General — Extracts from letters of Vice–Admiral Pullen — Postscript — Mr. Henry Mildred
  4. Arrival of Captain Hindmarsh, R.N., first Governor of South Australia — Tales “for the marines” — Resignation of Colonel Light — Recall of Captain Hindmarsh — G. M. Stephen, Esq., appointed Acting–Governor — A questionable transaction
  5. First trip in the “bush” by a private party — A “Corroboree” — Attempt to reach Encounter Bay overland
  6. “Church and State” — First Colonial chaplain — Rev. T. Q. Stow and other missionaries
  7. Arrival of the Author and his family — Pick-a-back — “Suspended” Birthday ball at Government House — Novel carriages — Conjugal love — Postscript — Sad end of Samuel Stephens, Esq., Manager of South Australian Company
  8. Attempt to murder Sheriff Smart — The Riot Act read — Clever capture of Morgan
  9. Murders of settlers by the natives — A neat weapon — Infanticide — Murder of Captain Barker, before the settlement of the colony
  10. Arrival of first herd of cattle from New South Wales, conducted by Charles Bonney, Esq.
  11. Arrival of Governor Gawler — “Berry good cockatoo gubbernor” — Our first volunteer force — Captain Frome — Bamboozling the Governor — A palatial residence — Judge Cooper
  12. Arrival of Pastor Kavel with German emigrants, assisted by G. F. Angas, Esq. — Founding of German townships
  13. Erroneous opinions entertained of the general character of the country north of and around Adelaide by Captain Sturt and Mr. Eyre — Extracts from diary of first exploration of the latter — First runs in the “Far North”
  14. Captain Sturt’s exploration of the interior by order of the Imperial Government — Death of Surveyor Poole, second in command — Fails to reach centre of continent
  15. First Wesleyan ministers — An interposition of Providence — Wreck of the brig “Fanny” — The Rev. Mr. Draper
  16. Massacre of captain, passengers, and crew of the brigantine “Maria” on the coast of Encounter Bay by Milmenura tribe of natives

Book 2.

  1. Early fires in the city — Bush fires — Great fall in prices of live stock — A practical joke — A very moist banquet
  2. Mineral discoveries — Glen Osmond silver lead mine — Kapunda and Burra Burra Copper Mines — “Nobs and snobs”
  3. Journey across the mount Lofty Range — “Reckless driving” — An “overlander” — Murder of an old native — “King John,” a native help
  4. Progress of agriculture — Invention of the reaping machine
  5. Career and capture of bushrangers — Attempts to escape from gaol — Execution of Curran and Hughes — Capture of Green, Wilson, and Morgan
  6. Final careers of Foley and Stone, escaped convicts — Encounter with Stone in the ranges
  7. Occurrences on battle run pointed out by Stone — Stock-keeper Hart’s crimes and escape — Suicide of Moorhead
  8. Providential escape of Captain Sturt from natives on the Murray — Troubles with the Rufus tribe of natives — Capture by them of overland travelling flocks of sheep — Major O’Halloran sent against the natives — Recalled by Governor Gawler — Private party under Lieutenant Field defeated by the natives — Governor Gawler recalled
  9. Progress of the colony during Colonel Gawler’s administration — Vice-regal visit to the Murray — Mr. Jas. Hurtle Fisher, first Resident Commissioner — Final career of Colonel Gawler
  10. Continuation of history of contest with the Rufus natives — Defeat of the natives by Major O’Halloran — Salvation of an overland cattle party
  11. Governor Grey — Ruin of pioneers by the policy he was instructed to pursue
  12. Governor Grey’s bills on the Home Government also repudiated — The Governor ordered to New Zealand on account of the Maori war
  13. Arrival of Lieut.-Col. Robe — Grant in aid to religious bodies — Royalty on minerals — Dr. Short, first Anglican bishop — St. Peter’s Collegiate School — St. Peter’s Cathedral

Book 3.

  1. Cattle-stealers in the Black Forest — Murder of Gofton — Trial, conviction, and execution of Joseph Stagg — Strange self-accusation of Trooper Lomas
  2. Career of Storey — First actions in 1838 — Subsequent appearance in 1841 as Chief of the “Black-faced Robbers”
  3. Loss of the ship Lady Dennison, with convicts, en route to Tasmania — Voyage of the brig Punch with convicts — Failure of attempt of convicts to seize the ship
  4. Settlement of Port Lincoln — Visit of Lady Franklin — Murders of settlers by natives on out-stations in Port Lincoln District — Party of soldiers dispatched against the natives — The “campaign” a failure
  5. Relief party in search of Mr. Dutton — List of natives executed for murders committed in the Lake and Port Lincoln districts
  6. Arrival of Governor Young — Royalty on Minerals Act repealed — “Black Thursday” — Port Adelaide Railway Act passed — Discovery of Gold in New South Wales and Victoria — Exodus of males from South Australia — Escort established and gold tokens issued — The Author’s experiences as a digger — Navigation of the River Murray — Constitution Bill referred back to the colony. Postscript — River Murray navigation in 1883
  7. Governor Sir R. G. MacDonnell — Constitution Act — First Parliament opened — Railway extension — The Real Property Act — No Man’s Land annexed — Arrival of Governor Daly — Northern Territory annexed— Arrival of H.R.H. the Duke of Edinburgh — Death of Sir Dominic Daly — Prince Alfred College. Postscript — Camels in South Australia
  8. Stuart’s explorations
  9. Stuart’s final and successful expedition
  10. The Northern Territory — First attempt to form settlement at Escape Cliffs — McKinlay’s exploring trip — Removal of settlement to Port Darwin — Wreck of S.S. Gothenberg and loss of Judge Wearing, his suite, and other passengers
  11. Arrival at Palmerston of Parliamentary Party
  12. Reports of the Minister of Education and other visitors to the Northern Territory
  13. Arrival of Sir James Fergusson — The overland telegraph line
  14. Sir Anthony Musgrave — Bishop Bugnion — Sir W. W. Cairns — Sir W. F. D. Jervois — Sir William’s farewell speech — Concluding remarks


  1. Australian statistics
  2. Notes on the Queensland Sugar Plantations by the Hon. J. L. Parsons, Minister of Education
  3. Queensland Government Return showing the Quantity of Sugar, Rum, and Molasses Exported and Consumed, Land Under Crop (sugar-cane), Population, &c, during each of the five years ending 1881.
  4. Statement showing progressive development of the Colony from its foundation in December, 1836, divided into quinquennial periods from 1st January, 1838, TO 31st December, 1882, with average results.
  5. First steamer from London to Adelaide, South Australia
  6. Rum Jungle Creek Nurseries, Northern Territory (near Southport)
  7. Useful information for parties who intend to visit or to invest funds in South Australia
  8. Corporation of the City of Adelaide
  9. Bank of South Australia .
  10. Elder, Smith, & Co.
  11. Orient line of steamers


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