The Age of Chivalry, by Thomas Bulfinch

Table of Contents

Part I. King Arthur and His Knights.

  1. Introduction.The Training of a Knight.Freemen, Villains, Serfs, and Clerks.Tournaments.Mail Armor.Helmets.Romances.Metrical Romances.The Mabinogeon.
  2. The Mythical History of England.Bladud.Leir.Ferrex and Porrex.Dunwallo Molmutius.Brennus and Belinus,Elidure.Lud.Cassibellaunus.Kymbelinus, or Cymbeline.Armorica.
  3. Arthur.Arthur Chosen King.Merlin.Caer–Merdin, or Caermarthen (In Wales), Merlin’s Tower, and the Imprisoned Fiends.Guenever.King Arthur Slays the Giant of St. Michael’s MountKing Arthur Gets a Sword from the Lady of the Lake.
  4. Caradoc Briefbras; or Caradoc with the Shrunken Arm.The Boy and the Mantle.
  5. Sir Gawain.Sir Gawain’s Marriage.
  6. Launcelot of the Lake.
  7. The Story of Launcelot.– The Adventure of the Cart.
  8. The Story of Launcelot.– The Lady of Shalott.
  9. The Story of Launcelot.– Queen Guenever’s Peril.
  10. The Story of Tristram of Lyonesse.
  11. Tristram and Isoude.
  12. The Story of Sir Tristram of Lyonesse.
  13. End of the Story of Sir Tristram of Lyonesse.
  14. The Story of Perceval.
  15. The Quest of the Sangreal.Sir Galahad.Sir Gawain.Sir Perceval.
  16. The End of the Quest.Sir Bohort.Of Sir Launcelot Again.Sir Galahad.Sir Galahad.
  17. Sir Agrivain’s Treason.
  18. Morte D’arthur.

Part II. The Mabinogeon.

  1. The Britons.The Welsh Language and Literature.The Welsh Bards.The Triads.
  2. The Lady of the Fountain.Kynon’s Adventure.
  3. The Lady of the Fountain, Continued.Owain’s Adventure. 22
  4. The Lady of the Fountain, Continued.Gawain’s Adventure.The Adventure of the Lion.
  5. Geraint, the Son of Erbin.
  6. Geraint, the Son of Erbin, Continued.
  7. Geraint, the Son of Erbin, Continued.
  8. Pwyll, Prince of Dyved.
  9. Branwen, the Daughter of Llyr.
  10. Manawyddan.
  11. Kilwich and Olwen.
  12. Kilwich and Olwen, Continued.
  13. Peredur, the Son of Evrawc.
  14. Taliesin.

Part III. The Knights of English History.

  1. King Richard and the Third Crusade.The Exploits of King Richard.
  2. Little John.Friar Tuck.The Bishop of Hereford’s Entertainment by Robin Hood and Little John and Their Company, in Merry Barnsdale.
  3. The Noble Birth and the Achievements of Robin Hood.Robin Hood and the Beggar.Robin Hood and King Richard.The Death of Robin Hood.
  4. The Ballad of Chevy Chase.
  5. The Battle of Otterbourne.
  6. Edward the Black Prince.The Battle of Crecy.The Battle of Poitiers.

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