Prester John, by John Buchan

Table of Contents

  1. The Man On the Kirkcaple Shore
  2. Furth! Fortune!
  3. Blaauwildebeestefontein
  4. My Journey to the Winter–Veld
  5. Mr Wardlaw Has a Premonition
  6. The Drums Beat at Sunset
  7. Captain Arcoll Tells a Tale
  8. I Fall in Again with the Reverend John Laputa
  9. The Store at Umvelos’
  10. I Go Treasure–Hunting
  11. The Cave of the Rooirand
  12. Captain Arcoll Sends a Message
  13. The Drift of the Letaba
  14. I Carry the Collar of Prester John
  15. Morning in the Berg
  16. Inanda’s Kraal
  17. A Deal and Its Consequences
  18. How a Man May Sometimes Put His Trust in a Horse
  19. Arcoll’s Shepherding
  20. My Last Sight of the Reverend John Laputa
  21. I Climb the Crags a Second Time
  22. A Great Peril and a Great Salvation
  23. My Uncle’s Gift Is Many Times Multiplied


Lionel Phillips

Time, they say, must the best of us capture, And travel and battle and gems and gold No more can kindle the ancient rapture, For even the youngest of hearts grows old. But in you, I think, the boy is not over; So take this medley of ways and wars As the gift of a friend and a fellow-lover Of the fairest country under the stars.

J. B.

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