Mr. Standfast, by John Buchan

Table of Contents

Part i

  1. The Wicket–Gate
  2. ‘The Village Named Morality’
  3. The Reflections of a Cured Dyspeptic
  4. Andrew Amos
  5. Various Doings in the West
  6. The Skirts of the Coolin
  7. I Hear of the Wild Birds
  8. The Adventures of a Bagman
  9. I Take the Wings of a Dove
  10. The Advantages of an Air Raid
  11. The Valley of Humiliation

Part ii

  1. I Become a Combatant Once More
  2. The Adventure of the Picardy Chateau
  3. Mr Blenkiron Discourses on Love and War
  4. St Anton
  5. I Lie on a Hard Bed
  6. The Col of the Swallows
  7. The Underground Railway
  8. The Cage of the Wild Birds
  9. The Storm Breaks in the West
  10. How an Exile Returned to His Own People
  11. The Summons Comes for Mr Standfast

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