Dramatic Romances, by Robert Browning

Table of Contents

  1. Incident of the French Camp
  2. The Patriot
  3. My Last Duchess
  4. Count Gismond
  5. The Boy and the Angel
  6. Instans Tyrannus
  7. Mesmerism
  8. The Glove
  9. Time’s Revenges
  10. The Italian in England
  11. The Englishman in Italy
  12. In a Gondola
  13. Waring
  14. The Twins
  15. A Light Woman
  16. The Last Ride Together
  17. The Pied Piper of Hamelin:
  18. The Flight of the Duchess
  19. A Grammarian’s Funeral, Shortly After the Revival of Learning in Europe
  20. The Heretic’s Tragedy
  21. Holy-Cross Day
  22. Protus
  23. The Statue and the Bust
  24. Porphyria’s Lover
  25. “Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came.”

From the Poetic Works of Robert Browning

Dramatic Romances

Editing conventions: The digraphs have been silently rendered as “ae” or “oe.”

Stanza and section numbers have been moved to the left margin, and periods that follow them have been removed.

Periods have been omitted after Roman numerals in the titles of popes and nobles.

Quotation marks have been left only at the beginning and end of a multi-line quotation, and at the beginning of each stanza within the quotation, instead of at the beginning of every line, as in the printed text.


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