Jane Eyre, by Charlotte Bronte

List of Illustrations

  1. "How dare I, Mrs. Ried? How dare I? Because it is the truth"
  2. "I was mortally afraid of its trampling forefeet"
  3. "“What is it and who did it?” he asked"
  4. "During all that time she never turned a page"
  5. "She did not stoop towards me, but only gazed, leaning back in her chair"
  6. "It removed my veil from its gaunt head, rent it in two parts, and flinging both on the floor, trampled on them"
  7. "I said my evening prayers"
  8. "“Will you give me that?” I asked"
  9. "Hush, Hannah; I have a word to say to the woman"
  10. "And I am a hard woman — impossible to put off"
  11. "He threw himself down on a swell of heath, and there lay still"
  12. "The next minute she lay smashed on the pavement"
  13. "You are altogether a human being, Jane? You are certain of that?"
  14. "And have you a pale blue dress on?"


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