The physiology of taste, by Brillat-Savarin

Table of Contents

Biographical Sketch.

Aphorisms of the Professor.

Dialogue between the author and his friend.



Physiology of Taste.

Meditation First.

The Senses.Number of the Senses.Action of the Senses.Perfectness of the Senses.Object of the Action of the Senses.

Meditation II.

Taste.Definition of Taste.Sensation of Taste.Flavors.Influence of Smelling on the Taste.Analysis of the Sensation of Taste.Order of the Impressions of Taste.Enjoyments Due to the Taste.Supremacy of Man.Method of the Author.

Meditation III.

Gastronomy.Origin of Sciences.Origin of Gastronomy.Definition of Gastronomy.Different Objects of Gastronomy.Utility of Gastronomical Knowledge.Influence of Gastronomy in Business.Gastronomical Academy.

Meditation IV.

Appetite.Definition of Appetite.Anecdote.Great Appetites.

Meditation V.

Food in Germs.Section First.Definitions.Analysis.Osmazome.Principle of Aliments.Vegetable Kingdom.Difference Between Fat and Lean.Individual Instance.

Meditation VI.

Food in Germs.Section Second.Specialities.Section I. Pot-au–Feu, Potage, Etc.Section II. Bouilli.Section III. Fowls.Section IV. the Turkey.Dindonophiles.Financial Influence of the Turkey.Exploit of the Professor.Section VI. Fish.Anecdote.Philosophical Reflection.Section VII. Truffles.Eratic Virtue of Truffles.Are Truffles Indigestibles?Section VIII. Sugar.Indigenous Sugar.Uses of Sugar.Section IX. Origin of Coffee.Different Modes of Preparing Coffee.Effects of Coffee.Section X. Chocolate — Its Origin.Properties of Chocolate.True Method of Preparing Chocolate.

Meditation VII.

Theory of Frying.Allocution.Section I. Chemistry.Section II. Application.

Meditation VIII.

On Thirst.Varieties of Thirst.Causes of Thirst.Example.

Meditation IX.

On Drinks.Strong Drinks.

Meditation X.

An Episode on the End of the World.

Meditation XI.

On Gourmandise.Definitions.Advantages of Gourmandise.Sequel.Power of Gourmandise.A Lady Gourmand.Anecdote.Are Women Gourmands?The Effects of Gourmandise on Sociability.Influence of Gourmandise on Conjugal Happiness.Note of a Patriot Gastronomer.

Meditation XII.

Gourmands.All Who Wish to Be Are Not Gourmands.Napoleon.Gourmands by Destiny.Sensual Predestination.Gourmands by Profession.Financiers.Physicians.Objugation.Devotees.Chevaliers and Abbes.Longevity of Gourmands.

Meditation XIII.

Gastronomical Tests.Gastronomical Tests.First Series. — Income of 5,000 Francs.Second Series. — Income 15,000 Francs.Third Series. — Income 30,000 Francs, Or More.

Meditation XIV.

On the Pleasures of the Table.Origin of the Pleasures of the Table.Difference Between the Pleasure of Eating and the Pleasures of the Table.Effects.Accessories.The 18th and 19th Century.Summary.

Meditation XV.

Haltes De Chasse.Ladies.

Meditation XVI.

On Digestion.Ingestion.Duty of the Stomach.Influence of Digestion.

Meditation XVII.

Repose.Time of Rest.

Meditation XVIII.


Meditation XIX.

Dreams.Nature of Dreams.System of Dr. Gall.First Observation.Second Observation.Result.Age.Phenomena of Dreams.First Observation.Second Observation.Third Observation.Do As You Will Be Done by.

Meditation XX.

Influence of Diet on Rest, Sleep and Dreams.Effects of Diet on Labor.Dreams.Consequence.Result.

Meditation XXI.

Obesity.Causes of Obesity.Sequel.Sequel.Anecdote.Inconvenience of Obesity.Examples of Obesity.

Meditation XXII.

Generalities.Sequel of the Regimen.Dangers of Acids.Antiobesic Belt.Quinquina.

Meditation XXIII.

Thinness.Definition.Varieties.Effects of Thinness.Natural Predestination.Fattening Regimen.

Meditation XXIV.

Fasting.Definition.Origin.How People Used to Fast.Origin of the Removal of Restriction in Fasting.

Meditation XXV.

Exhaustion.Treatment.Cure by the Professor.

Meditation XXVI


Meditation XXVII.

Philosophical History of the Kitchen.Order of Alimentation.Discovery of Fire.Baking.Oriental Entertainments. — Grecian.Roman Festivals.Resurrection of Lucullus.Poetry.Irruption of the Barbarians.

Meditation XXVIII.


Physiology of Taste

Part Second.

Transition.Varieties.I. L’Omelette Du Cure.Omelette Au Thon.Observations.II. A National Victory.III. Mystification of the Professor and Defeat of a General.IV. The Snare.V. The Turbot.VI. Pheasants.VII. Gastronomical Industry of the Emigres.VIII. Recollections of the Emigration.The WeaverThe Starving.Sojourn in America.Asparagus.Fondue.Recipe for Fondue, Copied From the Papers of M. Trollet, Bailli of Mondon in Berne.Disappointment.Wonderful Effects of a Classical Dinner.Effect and Danger of Strong Drinks.Chevaliers and Abbes.Miscellany. — Wine.Strawberries.Judgment.Raisins.A Day with the Bernardines.Prosperity En Route.H. . . . de P . . .Conclusion.

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