Vixen, by Mary Elizabeth Braddon

Table of Contents

Volume I.

  1. A Pretty Horsebreaker.
  2. Lady Jane Vawdrey.
  3. “I Want a Little Serious Talk with You.”
  4. Rorie comes of Age.
  5. Rorie makes a Speech.
  6. How she took the News.
  7. Rorie has Plans of his own.
  8. Glas ist der Erde Stolz und Glück.
  9. A House of Mourning.
  10. Captain Winstanley.
  11. “It shall be Measure for Measure.”
  12. “I have no Wrong, where I can claim no Right.”
  13. “He belongs to the Tame–Cat Species.”
  14. “He was worthy to be loved a Lifetime.”
  15. Lady Southminster’s Ball.
  16. Rorie asks a Question.
  17. Where the Red King was slain.

Volume II.

  1. “Shall I tell you the Secret?”
  2. Wedding Garments.
  3. “I shall look like the wicked Fairy.”
  4. The Vow is vowed.
  5. War to the Knife.
  6. At the Kennels.
  7. A Bad Beginning.
  8. On Half Rations.
  9. The Owner of Bullfinch.
  10. Something like a Ride.
  11. Rorie objects to Duets.
  12. “Fading in Music.”
  13. Crying for the moon.
  14. “Kurz ist der Schmerz und ewig ist die Freude.”
  15. A Midsummer Night’s Dream.
  16. “That must end at once.”

Volume III.

  1. Going into Exile.
  2. Chiefly Financial.
  3. “With weary Days thou shalt be clothed and fed.”
  4. Love and AEsthetics.
  5. Crumpled Rose–Leaves.
  6. A Fool’s Paradise.
  7. “It might have been.”
  8. Wedding Bells.
  9. The nearest Way to Norway.
  10. “All the Rivers run into the Sea.”
  11. The Bluebeard Chamber.
  12. Epilogue.

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