Mount Royal, by Mary Elizabeth Braddon

Table of Contents

  1. The Days that are No More.
  2. But then Came One, the Lovelace of his Day.
  3. “Tintagel, Half in Sea, and Half on Land.”
  4. “Love! Thou Art Leading me from Wintry Cold.”
  5. “The Silver Answer Rang,—‘Not Death, but Love’”
  6. In Society.
  7. Cupid and Psyche.
  8. Le Secret De Polichinelle.
  9. “Love is Love for Evermore.”
  10. “Let me and My Passionate Love Go by.”
  11. “Alas for me Then, My Good Days are Done.”
  12. “Grief A Fixed Star, and Joy A Vane that Veers.”
  13. “Love Will have his Day.”
  14. “But Here is One who Loves you as of Old.”
  15. “That Lip and Voice are Mute for Ever.”
  16. “Not the Gods Can Shake the past.”
  17. “I have Put My Days and My Dreams out of Mind.”
  18. “And Pale from the past We Draw nigh Thee.”
  19. “But it Sufficeth, that the Day Will End.”
  20. “Who Knows Not Circe?”
  21. “And Time is Setting Wi’ me, O.”
  22. “With Such Remorseless Speed Still Come New Woes.”
  23. “Yours on Monday, God’s To-day.”
  24. Duel or Murder?
  25. “Dust to Dust.”
  26. “Pain for Thy Girdle, and Sorrow upon Thy Head.”
  27. “I Will have No Mercy on Him.”
  28. “Gai Donc; La Voyageuse, Au Coup Du Pèlerin!”
  29. “Time Turns the Old Days to Derision.”
  30. “Thou Shouldst Come like A Fury Crowned with Snakes.”
  31. “His Lady Smiles; Delight is in her Face.”
  32. “Love Bore Such Bitter and Such Deadly Fruit.”
  33. “She Stood up in Bitter Case, with A Pale yet Steady Face.”
  34. We have Done with Tears and Treasons.

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