John Marchmont's Legacy, by Mary Elizabeth Braddon

Table of Contents

Volume i.

  1. The Man with the Banner.
  2. Little Mary.
  3. About the Lincolnshire Property.
  4. Going Away.
  5. Marchmont Towers.
  6. The Young Soldier’s Return.
  7. Olivia.
  8. “My Life is Cold, and Dark, and Dreary.”
  9. “When Shall i Cease to Be All Alone?”
  10. Mary’s Stepmother.
  11. The Day of Desolation.
  12. Paul.
  13. Olivia’s Despair.
  14. Driven Away.

Volume ii.

  1. Mary’s Letter.
  2. A New Protector.
  3. Paul’s Sister.
  4. A Stolen Honeymoon.
  5. Sounding the Depths.
  6. Risen from the Grave.
  7. Face to Face.
  8. The Painting-Room by the River.
  9. In the Dark.
  10. The Paragraph in the Newspaper.
  11. Edward Arundel’s Despair.
  12. Edward’s Visitors.
  13. One More Sacrifice.
  14. The Child’s Voice in the Pavilion by the Water.

Volume iii.

  1. Captain Arundel’s Revenge.
  2. The Deserted Chambers.
  3. Taking it Quietly.
  4. Miss Lawford Speaks Her Mind.
  5. The Return of the Wanderer.
  6. A Widower’s Proposal.
  7. How the Tidings Were Received in Lincolnshire.
  8. Mr. Weston Refuses to Be Trampled Upon.
  9. “Going to Be Married!”
  10. The Turning of the Tide.
  11. Belinda’s Wedding-Day.
  12. Mary’s Story.
  13. “All Within is Dark as Night.”
  14. There is Confusion Worse than Death.
  15. “Dear is the Memory of Our Wedded Lives.”

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