The Golden Calf, by Mary Elizabeth Braddon

Table of Contents

  1. The Articled Pupil.
  2. ‘i Am Going to Marry for Money.’
  3. At the Knoll.
  4. Wendover Abbey.
  5. Dr. Rylance Asserts Himself.
  6. A Birthday Feast.
  7. In the River-Meadow.
  8. At the Lock-House.
  9. A Solemn League and Covenant.
  10. A Bad Penny.
  11. Accomplishments at a Discount.
  12. The Sword of Damocles.
  13. Kingthorpe Society.
  14. The True Knight.
  15. Mr. Wendover Plans an Excursion.
  16. Thicker than Water.
  17. Ought she to Stay?
  18. After a Storm Comes a Calm.
  19. After a Calm a Storm.
  20. Was this the Motive?
  21. Taking Life Quietly.
  22. Lady Palliser Studies the Upper Ten.
  23. ‘All Our Life is Mixed with Death.’
  24. ‘Fruits Fail and Love Dies and Time Ranges.’
  25. ‘My Seed was Youth, My Crop was Endless Cake.’
  26. ‘And, If i Die, No Soul Will Pity Me.’
  27. John Jardine Solves the Mystery.
  28. An Englishman’s House is His Castle.
  29. ‘As One Dead in the Bottom of a Tomb.’
  30. A Fiery Dawn.
  31. ‘Sole Partner and Sole Part of All These Joys.’

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