Charlotte's Inheritance, by Mary Elizabeth Braddon

Table of Contents

Book the first. De Profundis.

  1. Lenoble of Beaubocage.
  2. In this Wide World I Stand Alone.
  3. “Past Hope, and in Despair.”
  4. A Decree of Banishment.

Book the Second. Downhill.

  1. The Fate of Susan Lenoble.
  2. Forgiven Too Late.
  3. Gustave the Second.

Book the Third. The Horatiad.

  1. Chiefly Retrospective.
  2. Epistolary.
  3. Too Clever, for a Catspaw.
  4. Captain Paget is Paternal.
  5. The Captain’s Coadjutor.

Book the Fourth. Gustave in England.

  1. Halcyon Days.
  2. Captain Paget Awakens to a Sense of His Duty.
  3. “What Do We Here, My Heart and i?”
  4. Sharper than a Serpent’s Tooth.

Book the Fifth. The First Act of Mr. Sheldon’s Drama.

  1. Taken by Storm.
  2. Firm as a Book.
  3. Against Wind and Tide.
  4. Diana Asks for a Holiday.
  5. Assurance Doubly Sure.

Book the Sixth. Diana in Normandy.

  1. At côtenoir.

Book the Seventh. A Cloud of Fear.

  1. The Beginning of Sorrow.
  2. Fading.
  3. Mrs. Woolper is Anxious.
  4. Valentine’s Skeleton.
  5. At Harold’s Hill.
  6. Desperate Measures.

Book the Eighth. A Fight Against Time.

  1. A Dread Revelation.
  2. Phoenicians are Rising.
  3. The Sortes Virgilianae.

Book the Ninth. Through the Furnace

  1. Something Too Much.
  2. Dr. Jedd’s Opinion.
  3. Non Dormit Judas.
  4. Counting the Cost.
  5. The Beginning of the End.
  6. Confusion Worse Confounded.
  7. “There is a Word Will Priam Turn to Stone.”

Book the Tenth. Harbour, After Many Shipwrecks.

  1. Out of the Dark Valley.
  2. After the Wedding.
  3. Greek Against Greek.
  4. Only a Dream.
  5. Bohemian Independence.
  6. Beyond the Veil.
  7. Better than Gold.
  8. Lost Sight of.
  9. Eteocles and Polynices.
  10. “According to Their Deeds.”

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