Birds of Prey, by Mary Elizabeth Braddon

Table of Contents

Book the First. Fatal Friendship.

  1. The House in Bloomsbury.
  2. Philip Sheldon Reads the “Lancet.”
  3. Mr. And Mrs. Halliday.
  4. A Perplexing Illness.
  5. The Letter from the “Alliance” Office.
  6. Mr. Burkham’s Uncertainties.

Book the Second. The Two Macaires.

  1. A Golden Temple.
  2. The Easy Descent
  3. “Heart Bare, Heart Hungry, Very Poor.”

Book the Third. Heaping up Riches.

  1. A Fortunate Marriage.
  2. Charlotte.
  3. George Sheldon’s Prospects.
  4. Diana Finds a New Home.
  5. At the Lawn.
  6. The Compact of Gray’s Inn.
  7. Aunt Sarah.
  8. Charlotte Prophesies Rain.
  9. Mr. Sheldon on the Watch.

Book the Fourth. Valentine Hawkehurst’s Record.

  1. The Oldest Inhabitant.
  2. Matthew Haygarth’s Resting-Place.
  3. Mr. Goodge’s Wisdom.

Book the Fifth. Relics of the Dead.

  1. Betrayed by a Blotting-Pad.
  2. Valentine Invokes the Phantoms of the Past.
  3. Hunting the Judsons.
  4. Glimpses of a Bygone Life.

Book the Sixth. The Heiress of the Haygarths.

  1. Disappointment.
  2. Valentine’s Record Continued.
  3. Arcadia.
  4. In Paradise.
  5. Too Fair to Last.
  6. Found in the Bible.

Book the Seventh. Charlotte’s Engagement.

  1. “In Your Patience Ye are Strong.”
  2. Mrs. Sheldon Accepts Her Destiny.
  3. Mr. Hawkehurst and Mr. George Sheldon Come to an Understanding.
  4. Mr. Sheldon is Propitious
  5. Mr. Sheldon is Benevolent.
  6. Riding the High Horse.
  7. Mr. Sheldon is Prudent.
  8. Christmas Peace.

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