Aurora Floyd, by Mary Elizabeth Braddon

Table of Contents

  1. How a Rich Banker Married an Actress.
  2. Aurora.
  3. What Became of the Diamond Bracelet.
  4. After the Ball.
  5. John Mellish.
  6. Rejected and Accepted.
  7. Aurora’s Strange Pensioner.
  8. Poor John Mellish Comes Back Again.
  9. How Talbot Bulstrode Spent His Christmas.
  10. Fighting the Battle.
  11. At the Chateau D’arques.
  12. Steeve Hargraves, “The Softy.”
  13. The Spring Meeting.
  14. “Love Took up the Glass of Time and Turned it in His Glowing Hands.”
  15. Mr. Pastern’s Letter.
  16. Mr. James Conyers.
  17. The Trainer’s Messenger.
  18. Out in the Rain.
  19. Money Matters.
  20. Captain Prodder.
  21. He Only Said I am a-Weary.”
  22. Still Constant.
  23. On the Threshold of Darker Miseries.
  24. Captain Prodder Carries Bad News to His Niece’s House.
  25. The Deed that had Been Done in the Wood.
  26. At the Golden Lion.
  27. “My Wife! MY WIFE! What Wife? I have No Wife.”
  28. Aurora’s Flight.
  29. John Mellish Finds His Home Desolate.
  30. An Unexpected Visitor.
  31. Talbot Bulstrode’s Advice.
  32. On the Watch.
  33. Captain Prodder Goes Back to Doncaster.
  34. Discovery of the Weapon with which James Conyers had Been Slain.
  35. Under a Cloud.
  36. Reunion.
  37. The Brass Button, by Crosby, Birmingham.
  38. Off the Scent.
  39. Talbot Bulstrode Makes Atonement for the Past.
  40. L’envoi.

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