Bibliomania, by Thomas Frognall Dibdin

General Index.

Agrippa (Cornelius). Account of some of his works, 19

D'Aguesseau (Chancellor). Account of his Library, 72

Alcove, the. Description of Lorenzo's, 481, 482

Alcuin, 167

Alfred, 169

Alphonso. An obstinate literary character, 14

Ames (Joseph), 340

Ancillon. Pillage of his library, 522

Anne Boleyn. Her coronation dinner described by Stow, 216, 217

Anselm, 174

Anstis (John). Original letter of, 239
Literary character of, 337, 338

Antiphoners, 115

Antonio (Nicolas). See Bibliographical Index.

Arch (Messrs. John and Arthur). Their purchase of Sandford's Genealogical History, l.p., 492

Aristotle's Works— printed upon vellum, 519

D'Artois (Count). Catalogue of his library, 72
Purchase of the Vallière Collection, 97

Ascham, (Roger). His 'Schoolmaster' commended, 283

Ashmole (Elias). Some account of, 293-296

Askew (Dr. Anthony). Some account of, with specimens of his library, 388-391

Atticus. A book-auction bibliomaniac, 128-132, 137

Auctions of Books. Their origin in this country, 304-308
Warmth of bidders at, 307

Audiffredi (Jean Baptiste). See Bibliographical Index.

Autumnal Morning, 480, 481

Baber (Rev. Henry Hervey). Preparation of the Catalogue of the Museum printed books, 90
His edition of Wickliffe's translation of the New Testament, 339

Bacon (Roger, or Friar), 180-183

Bacon (Sir Nathaniel). Libellous character of, 237

Bagford (John). Some account of, 326-331
Wood-cut of his rebus, or device, 331

Baillet (Adrien). Some account of, 43-45See Bibliographical Index.

Baker (Thomas). Some account of, 341-343
Extract from his will, 342

Baker (late Mr. George). Copy of Reed's catalogue of books, 457
Catalogue of Strawberry-Hill Pieces, 539

Bale (John, Bishop of Ossory). Some account of, 246-248
His portrait, 247

Baltimore (Lord). His 'Gaudia Poetica,' 532

Barnes (Juliana). Her Work on Hunting, &c., 124, 325, 381, 384, 519

Barthélémy (Abbé). Catalogue of his library, 74

Bartholin. See Bibliographical Index.

Beauclerk (Hon. Topham). Account of his library, 394, 395

Becket (Thomas à), 176
Account of his murder, 177

Bede, 166

Bedford (John, Duke of). His beautiful Missal, 190, 191

Beloe (Rev. Mr.). See Bibliographical Index.

Benedict (Biscop), 165

Benet (Sir John). Assists Sir T. Bodley in erecting the Bodl. Library, 275

Bernard (Dr. Francis). Some account of his library, 316, 317
Engraving of his portrait, 503

Bernardo. A book-auction bibliomaniac, 124
His copy of an Illustrated Chatterton, 500
of Walton's Complete Angler, ib.

Berryer (Mons.). His care and skill in having his books bound, 513

Beughem. See Bibliographical Index.

Bibles. Ancient English, 238

Bibliographers. Character of aspersed, 483

Bibliography. Cabinet of, 21
Opinions of foreign critics thereupon, 24, 25
Outline of its rise and progress, 29-99
Utility and importance of the study so called, 552

Bibliomania. History of the Bibliomania, or of English Book-Collectors, 165-461
See Chronological Index.
Definition of, and works upon, 485-487

Symptoms of the
Disease so called;
being a passion for
  1. Large Paper Copies, 487, 488, 491-494
  2. and Fine paper do., 494
  3. Uncut Copies, 494-496
  4. Illustrated Copies, 496-511
  5. Unique Copies, 511-514
  6. Copies printed upon Vellum, 515-521
  7. First Editions, 521-525
  8. True Editions, 525-527
  9. Books printed in the black letter, 527-531
  10. for private distribution, 532-534
  11. at a Private Press, 533-539
  12. suppressed, condemned, &c., 537
  13. All the editions of a work, 542-546
  14. Large and Voluminous Works, 546
Probable Means of
the Cure of
  1. Studying of Useful & Profitable Works, 548
  2. Reprints of scarce and valuable Works, 549
  3. Editing of the best Authors, 550
  4. Erection of Literary Institutions, 551
  5. Study of Bibliography, 551, 552

Bibliomaniacs. Character of, 4
Book-auction bibliomaniacs, 307

Black Letter. Passion for books printed in the, 527-531

Blandford (Marquis of). His zeal in collecting books printed by Caxton, 322

Blenheim. Account of the library there, 321

Blount (Thomas). See Bibliographical Index.

Bodleian Library. Catalogue of, 74
History of its erection, 270-278
List of some of the contributors to, 272, 273

Bodley (Sir Thomas). Some account of, 270-278
Wood-cut portrait of, 277

Bodoni. Beauty of his books printed upon vellum, 520

Books. Ancient prices of, 114-119
Illuminated, 150
of terror. Their effects upon young minds, 202-204
Skill of the Ferrar family in binding, 289-292
Account of ancient binding of, 117-119
Skill in modern book-binding, 513, 514
Importation of in barrels, 190
Sales of by public auction, 304-308, 457
Printed upon vellum, 321, 322, 352, 515-519
upon satin, 512
in the black letter, 527-531
for private distribution, 532-534
at private presses, 533-539

Book-rooms, or Libraries. Simplicity of ancient, 195, 196

Booksellers. Of respectability in London, 308, 470
in Scotland, 415
in Provincial Towns, 470

Book-Story. A romantic one, 358-361

Boston (John), 189, 190

Boucher (Rev. Jonathan). His Supplement to Johnson's Dictionary, 448, 449
Account of his library, 450

Braithwait (Richard). His poetry commended, 299-301

Brand (Rev. John). Account of his library, 452-454

Bridges (John). Sale of his library, 362

Britain, Little. Famous for the bookselling trade, 300, 310, 311

Britton (Thomas). Some account of, 331-333
Sale of his library, 333

Bulmer (Mr. William). His sumptuous edition of Shakspeare, 427
The same, a unique copy of, 512
His edition of the Deserted Village upon satin, 512

Bure (Guillaume François De, and Guill. le Jeune De). See Bibliographical Index.

Burney (Rev. Charles, LL.D.). His fortunate purchase of a Manilius, 522
His edition of Bentley's Epistles, 532

Burton (Robert), 286

Bury (Richard De). Editions of his Philobiblion, 29
Extract from, 109
Account of, 185-187

Bute (Marquis of). His copy of Hogarth's Prints, 509
His collection of the devices of Pope Sixtus V., 540
His valuable Granger, 565

Butler (Mr. Charles). His literary character, 34

Caillard (M.). His uncut first Homer, 79, 496
His nicety in having his books bound, 513

Caille (Jean de La). See Bibliographical Index.

Cambridge. Catalogue of the books contained in the University wanted, 319

Canute, 172

Carlisle (Earl of). His "Father's Revenge," 532

Casiri. See Bibliographical Index.

Catalogues. Importance of making good ones, 383
Foreign and English. See "Catalogue," Bibliographical Index.

Caxton (William). Reviled by Bale, 174
His various printed books, 197, &c. See Bibliographical Index.
His portrait, 382

Cecil. Libellous character of, 237, 238

Charles the Fifth of France. Founder of the Royal Library, 185, 186
Description of do., 186

Chauncey (Dr. Charles and Nathaniel). Account of their libraries, 416, 417

Cheering. Explanation of this word, 20, 37

Chess. Game of, described, 155-163

Chevillier (Andrew). See Bibliographical Index.

Chi Ho-am-ti. An incendiary of libraries, 27

Chivalry and Romances. Books relating thereto, 152-154

Christie (John). His "Dissertation on Etruscan Vases," 532

Chronicles, Ancient. Reprints of, 337

Cinelli (John). See Bibliographical Index.

Clavel (Robert). His book-catalogues, 306

Clerk, or Clergyman. Regulations concerning, 151

Clungeon (John), 288

Cobham (Thomas, Bishop of Worcester), 192

Colbert (J.B.). Catalogue of his library, 78

Colet (John, Dean). Some account of, 218-220
Print of his supposed study, 219

Collins (Anthony). Sale of his library, 363

Conringius (Herman). See Bibliographical Index.

Conybeare (Rev. Mr.). His Copy of Lord Surrey's Translation of part of the Æneid, 241

Coryate (Thomas), 281

Cotton (Sir Robert). Some account of, 267-269

Covent Garden Theatre. Quarrels relating thereto, 17

Cox (Captain). Some account of, 266, 267
His library, 267

Cranmer (Thomas, Archbishop of Canterbury). Some account of, 248, 249
His Bible upon vellum, 248
Expense of his execution, 249

Crevenna Library. Catalogues of, 79

Critics and Criticism. True spirit and character of, 15
Superficialness and severity of, 553

Crofts (Rev. Thomas). Account of his library, 396-398

Cromwell (Thomas). His conduct in respect to the Reformation, 229

Crowles. His copy of an illustrated Pennant, 499

Dalrymple (Alexander). Sale of his library, 458

Daly (Denis, Rt. Hon.). Account of his library, 414, 415

Dee (Dr. John). Some account of, 261-265
His library, 264

Denis (Michael). See Bibliographical Index.

Devonshire (late Duchess of). Her "Mount St. Gothard," 532

Didot. Skill of his printing upon vellum, 521

Dodd (James William). Account of his library, 403

Dormer (General). Catalogue of his library, 375

Douce (Francis). His partiality for a foreign bibliographical work, 55
Preparation of the Lansdowne collection of MSS., 90
Account of Wolsey's property, 225
Skill in Old English and French literature, 531
Criticisms on his "Illustrations of Shakspeare," &c., ib.

Dramatic Libraries, 402, 403

Dramatica Notitia, 456

Dream. Lysander's, 473-480

Dunstan (St.). His work "De occulta philosophia," 134
Some account of, 171

Dyson (Henry), 302

Education of Youth, 282-285

Edward the First, 183

Edward the Third, 119, 184

Edwards (Mr.). His copy of the Catalogue of the Crevenna Library, 79
zeal in the importation of foreign books of rarity and value, 90
copy of the first edition of Livy — upon vellum, 519
Catalogues commended, 123
In possession of the Bedford Missal, 191
His painting of Erasmus and Froben by Fuseli, 223
communication respecting Count M'Carthy's books, 518

Elizabeth (Queen). Her book of devotions, 119
Plate of the golden cover of, 250
Account of her love of books, 249, 254
Engravings from her Prayer-book, 252, 253

Ellis (Sir Henry). Preparation of Catalogue of the Museum printed books, 90
His bibliographical communications, 118, 227, 297
Edition of Fabian's Chronicles, 523

English. Want of curiosity respecting their own literary history, 36
Importance of a national press to, 551

Episode. What is meant thereby, 105

Erasmus. Some account of, 222-224
Painting of him and Froben, 223
Print of his study, 224
Rude wood-cut portrait of him, ib.
A copy of his first edition of the Gr. Test. — upon vellum, 225
Editions of his words, 222

Eugene (Prince). His magnificent library, 322

Evans (Mr. R.H.). His edition of Old English Ballads, 267, 320
A respectable vender of classical books, 308
His copy of his Recueil des Historiens des Gaules, 492
His reprint of Hakluyt's Voyages, 550

Fabricius (John Albert). See Bibliographical Index.

Fabricius (John). See Bibliographical Index.

Falconer (William). Poem of the Shipwreck printed upon satin, 512

Farmer (Rev. Richard, D.D.). Account of his library, 423-426

Faulkener (Henry). A skilful and honest book-binder, 199

Ferdinand. A romantic book-story concerning, 358-361

Ferrar Family. Their attachment to books, and skill in book-binding, 289-292

Fillingham (late Mr. William). His library and character of, 403

First Editions. Passion for collecting, 521-525

Fishing. Whether a merry or contemplative art, 126

Fitzwilliam (Lord Viscount). His collection of Rembrandt's Prints, 509

Fletewode (Serjeant William). Account of his monastic library, 386

Florizel. His attachment to hawking, &c., 543

Folkes (Martin). Some account of, 367-369
Sale and analysis of his library, 367
Wood-cut of his portrait, 369

Fopling (Sir). His periwig, 122

Ford (Mr.), bookseller. His catalogues commended, 123, 470

Froissart (Sir John). A presentation copy of his Chronicles, 184. See Johnes (Colonel Thomas).

Gaddius. His bibliographical work, 39

Gaignat (Louis Jean). Catalogue of library, 81, 162

Gesner (Conrad). See Bibliographical Index.
His works on Natural History, 546

Gifford (Mr. William). His edition of Massinger, 550
forthcoming edition of Ben Jonson, ib.

Gilbie (Anthony). His character of Henry the Eighth, 215

Gilchrist (Octavius). His edition of Bp. Corbett's Poems, 550

Girald Barri, 174, 178, 179

Glastonbury Monastery Library, 178

Godstow Nunnery Library, ib.

Golden Legend, by Caxton, 198

Goldsmyd (Mr. John Lewis). His vellum copy of "Le Passe Temps," &c., 203

Gonzalo. A vain literary character, 12

Gossett (Rev. Dr. Isaac), 363, 407

Gough (Richard). Sale of his library, 460

Goujet (Claude Peter). See Bibliographical Index.

Grailes. Definition of, 150

Granger (Rev. James). His Biographical History of England, 500

Grangerite spirit, 112, 497, 507

Grenville (Right Hon. Thomas). His large-paper copy of Hist. Steph. & Vit. Typ. Paris, 47
His large-paper copy of Renouard, 69
A similar copy of the Vallière Catalogue, 97
A similar copy of Sandford's Genealogical History, 492
A similar copy of Strype's Annals, 492

Grenville Homer. Published by the Grenville Family, 491

Grollier (John). Some account of, 488-490
Pattern of the binding of his books, 489

Gutch, (Mr.), bookseller, 404, 470

Hamper (Mr. William). His bibliographical communications, 117, 529

Harley (Robert, Earl of Oxford). Some account of, 347-354
Analysis of his library, 349-353
Pope's eulogy upon, 353, 354

Harris (Mr. William). His catalogue of the Royal Institution Library commended, 99
His correction of the press for Reed's edition of Shakspeare, 427
In possession of Mr. Boydell's copy of the original head of Shakspeare, 428
His copy of the Lamoignon catalogue, 84

Haslewood (Mr. Joseph). In possession of a curious volume, 88
His attachment to books upon Hawking, &c., 302, 543
His communication in the British Bibliographer, 374

Hastings (Henry). Some account of, 287

Hawker-Pilgrim. Wood-cut of, 544

Hear! Hear! Explanation of this phrase, 37

Hearne (Thomas). Some account of, 333-336
Wood-cut of his portrait, 337
Sale of his library, 336
List of most of his works. See Bibliographical Index.

Heath (Dr. Benjamin). His fine library, 460
Original bibliographical letter of, 554-562
Fac-simile of his writing, 554

Heber (Mr. Richard). His copy of "The Debate between the Heraldes," 11
of Oliver of Castille, 154
of Froissart by Eustace, 202
manuscript of Skelton's "Image of Ypocrisy," 226
copy of Maunsell's Catalogue, 280
of the first Aldine Aristophanes, 297
of the catalogue of Britton's books, 333
of the catalogues of T. Rawlinson's books, 344

Heinecken. See Bibliographical Index.

Heinsius (Nicholas). Catalogue of his library, 82

Hell. Descriptions of the torments of, 203, 204

Henderson (John). Account of his library, 402, 403

Henley (John, or Orator). Account of his library, 371, 372
Anecdotes of, 372, 373

Henry (Rev. Robert, D.D.). Character of his History of Great Britain, 145-147

Henry the Second. Trevisa's character of, 175

Henry the Fifth. Warlike character of, 193

Henry the Sixth, 194

Henry the Seventh, 202-206

Henry the Eighth, 215-217

Herbert (William). Author of the Typographical Antiquities, 66
Particulars relating to, 66, 340
His correspondence with Steevens, 438, 439

Herman (Bishop of Salisbury), 175

History, Ancient English. Neglect of the study of, 550

Hoare (Sir Richard Colt). His edition of Giraldus Cambrensis, 178
His large paper copy of Kennet's Paroch. Antiq., 493

Hoblyn (Robert). Catalogue of his books commended, 374

Hortensius. A book-auction bibliomaniac, 132

Humphrey (Duke of Gloucester), 193

Hutton (John). His curious collection of books, 374

Illustrated copies, 496-511

Illustration. Recipe for, 497

Ina (King of the West Saxons), 166

Inscription over a library door, 108, 112, 113

Institutions. Public, Literary, and Scientific, 551

Jacob (Louis). See Bibliographical Index.

Jamieson (Dr. John). His Scottish Dictionary commended, 499

Jesuits. Their bibliographical labours commended, 83

Johnes (Col. Thomas). His edition of Monstrelet, 154
copy of "Heures de Notre Dame," 409
pleasure-grounds, 483
View of his library, 484

Johnson (Dr. Samuel). Anecdote of his selling books, 530, 531
Quotation from the Rambler about the black-letter, 530

Kay (John). His siege of Rhodes, 243

Kennet (White, Bishop of Peterborough). Original letters of, 339
Opinion of Wicliffe, ib.

Kenrick (William, LL.D.). His review of Dr. Johnson's Tour to the Hebrides, 17

Kollarius. See Bibliographical Index.

Labbe (Philip). See Bibliographical Index.

Laire (Abbé Francis Xavier). See Bibliographical Index.

Lambecius (Pierre). See Bibliographical Index.

Lanfranc, Archbishop of Canterbury, 173

Lansdowne (William Fitzmaurice Petty, First Marquis of). Account of his library, 90, 450, 451

Large paper copies. Account of valuable works of this character, 491-493
The author's publications of this kind, 493

Latimer (Hugh, Bishop of Worcester). His conduct with respect to the Reformation, 230
His sermons quoted, 283
His death, 248, 249

Laud (William, Archbishop of Canterbury). Account of his execution, 297
Patronage of the Ferrar Family, 290

Leibnitz (Godfrey William De). See Bibliographical Index.

Leland (John). Some account of, 242-246

Leontes. A book-auction bibliomaniac, 133

Lepidus. A book-auction bibliomaniac, 121

Lewis (Rev. John). His literary character, 338-340
severe opinion of Hearne, 338

Liberality of religious sentiment, 109

Libraries. Devastation of, at the Reformation, 233-235
Dramatic, 402, 403

Lisardo. His general character, 211-213
His bibliomaniacal enthusiasm, 348-352, 468, 470

Literary characters. Quixotic, 6, 7
Careless, 7
Acrimonious, 8
Vain, 12, 13
Obstinate, 14
Critical, 14, 15
Useful, 553

Lomeier (John). See Bibliographical Index.

Lomenie (Cardinal de Brienne). Account of, and catalogue of his library, 84, 85

Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Co. Their extensive trade as booksellers, 308

Lorenzo. A neighbour of the author, 4
His house and grounds, 4
library, 164
drawing-room, 213
alcove, 480-482

Lort (Dr. Michael). Account of his library, 411-413

Lotichius (Peter). His Latin verses concerning his library, 113

Lumley (John, Lord), 281, 287

Luttrel (Narcissus). His extraordinary collection of books, 323

Lysons (Mr. Samuel). His large paper copy of Weever's Funeral Monuments, 492

Macartney (Mr.). Account of his library, 407

Maddison (John). Sale of his library, 459

Magliabechi (Antonio). Some account of, 85-87

Maittaire (Michael). Some account of, 47. See Bibliographical Index.
Sale of his library, 364

Malvolio. Sale of his busts and statues, 26, 472

Manton (Dr.) Sale of his books, 306

Marcellus. A book-auction bibliomaniac, 135

Marchand (Prosper). See Bibliographical Index.

Marlborough Gems. In Woodhouse's collection, 441-444

Martin (Thomas, of Palgrave). Account of his library, 384-386

Mary (Queen of Philip II.). Commended by a Roman Catholic writer, 236

Mary (Queen of Scots). Her portrait, 254

Mason (George). Account of his library, 419-423

Maunsell (Andrew). His catalogue of English books, 280

Mazzuchelli (Giovanni Maria). See Bibliographical Index.

M'Carthy (Count). Catalogue of a former library of, 85
His present fine collection of books, 518, 519

Mead (Richard, M.D.). Some account of, 364-366
Sale of his library, pictures, and coins, &c., 365
Account of his family, 366

Medici (Lorenzo De). Catalogue of the Oriental MSS. in the library of, 87

Meerman (Gerard). See Bibliographical Index.

Menalcas. A book-auction bibliomaniac, 136

Menander. A literary character, 7

Mercier (De St. Leger). See Bibliographical Index.

Mercurii. Attending book-sales, 134

Middleton (Rev. Conyers, D.D.). See Bibliographical Index.

Miller (Thomas). Account of, 471

Miller (William). His illustrated copy of Scott's Dryden, 497
edition of the Shipwreck, 512
of the Memoirs of Grammont, 564

Mills (George Galway). His fine library, 447

Mirabeau (Victor Riquetti, Marquis De). Catalogue of his library, 88
His passion for beautiful books, 514

Missals. Beauty of their execution, 150, 520
The Toletan and Mazarabic, 160, 161

Monasteries. Books contained in, 177
Visitors of, 231
Ancient hospitality of, 234
Alleged abandoned lives of the keepers, 232
Depositories and promoters of literature, 234
Devastation of, 231-235

Monastic Life. Comparison between the monastic and chivalrous age, as most favourable to the Bibliomania, 149

Monro (Dr. John). Account of his library, 417, 418

Montfaucon (Bernard De). His bibliographical labours, 89

Moonlight night. Influence of, 5, 368

More (John, Bishop of Ely). Some account of, 318, 319

More (Sir Thomas), 220-222

Morhof (Daniel George). Some account of, 46

Murray (John). Some account of, 331

Museum, The British. The librarians of commended, 36
Catalogue of its Printed Books and Manuscripts, 89, 90

Mustapha. A book-auction bibliomaniac and book vender, 122, 138

Naude, or Naudæus (Gabriel). His works commended, 38. See Bibliographical Index.

Nelson, Life of. Printed upon vellum, 521

Neville (George, Archbishop of York). Feast at his inthronization, 200
Fond of astrology, ib.

Niceron. See Bibliographical Index.

Nicholls (Mr. John). His communications respecting Dr. Mead's family, 366

Nicol (Mr. George). His anecdotes concerning some volumes printed by Caxton, 382

North (Francis, Lord-Keeper), 309

—— (Dr. John), 310, 311
Their passion for books, 312

Oldys (William). His literary labours appreciated, 500. See Bibliographical Index.

Omar. Supposed destroyer of the Alexandrian library, 28

Orlando. Character of, 105-113

Osborne (Thomas). The bookseller, 345, 348, 355

Painted Glass. Hearne's commendation of, 107

Panzer (George Wolfgang Francis). See Bibliographical Index.

Papillon (Mr. David). Book-anecdote concerning him and Osborne, 355

Paris de Meyzieux. Account, and catalogues, of his fine library, 90, 408-411

Parker (Matthew, Archbishop). Some Account of, 257-261
Catalogue of his MSS., 98
Antiquity of the British Church, 257-259, 400
Libellous life of, 258
His consecration, 260
Woodcut portrait of, 261

Paterson (Samuel). His Bibliotheca Universalis, 400

Payne (Mr.). His purchase of the Lamoignon library, 84

Peacham (Henry), 282
His "Compleat Gentleman" quoted, 283

Pearson (Thomas, or Major). Account of his library, 403-406

Pembroke (Earl of). His passion for books, 119, 324, 325

Pepys (Samuel). Account of his professional and book ardour, 319, 320

Peterborough Abbey Library, 178
(White, Kennet, Bishop of). His opinion of Wickliffe, 339
(Earl of). His passion for books, 119

Peters (Hugh). In possession of a part of Laud's library, 298

Pinelli. Catalogues of the Pinelli library, 91
An account of the library so called, 406, 407

Pitts, or Pitseus (Johannes). His work commended, 38

Porson (Richard). Sale of his library, 458
His erudition, and skilful penmanship, 459

Portraits. Sales of Engravings of rare and curious, 502-506, 510, 511
Algernon, Earl of Northumberland, by Hollar, 503
Anne, Queen of James I., by Visscher, 505

Banfi-Hunniades (John), by Hollar, 502
The same, with variations, ib.
Berkeley (George, Earl of), by Hollar, 503
Bernard (Dr. Francis), ib.
Bethell (Slingsby), by W. Sherwin, 506
Bohemia, King and Queen of, and family, 505
Buckingham (George, Duke of), sold by Stent, 503

Cæsar (Sir Julius) by Elstracke, 506
Catharine, Queen of Charles II., by Faithorne, 502
Cecyll (Edward), General, by Passe, 510
Chaloner (Sir Thomas), by Hollar, 502
Charles I., by Lombard, ib.
The same, with Cromwell's head, ib.
Princess Augusta Maria, daughter of, by Danckers, 505
Cole (Thomas), 506
Cromwell (Richard, Lord Protector), by Hollar, 504
Cumberland (George, Earl of), by R. White, 503

Darnley (Henry, Lord), by Passe, 505
Devereux, Earl of Essex, on horseback, by Hollar, 502, 504
The same, standing on foot, by do., 503, 504
Digby (Lord), in armour, after Vander Borcht, 604

Elizabeth (Queen), in superb court dress, by Passe, 502
superbly dressed, between pillars, 505
Frederic (Prince), &c., with Princess Elizabeth, by Elstracke, 505

Hay (Lord James), by Passe, 506
Henry the Eighth, by C. M[atsis], 505
Henry (Prince Frederic), by Delaram, 506
Hollar, his own portrait, 504
Hotham (Sir John), Governor of Hull, 506
Howard (Thomas, Earl of Suffolk), by Elstracke, 505
(Thomas, Earl of Arundel), 506

Isham (Sir Thomas), by Loggan, 602

Killegrew (Thomas), by Faithorne, 506

Lister (Sir Matthew, M.D.), by P.V. Somer, 504
Lloyd (Humphrey, of Denbigh), by Faber, ib.
Lortie (Andrew), by Van Somer, 506
Lyon (Sir Patrick, of Carse), by White, ib.

Malines (Samuel), by Lombart, ib.
Marsham (Sir John), by R. White, 504
Mary, Queen of Scots, by Mynginus, 505
The same, veiled, &c., ib.
Mascall (Edward), by Gammon, 506
Master Martin, by R. Gaywood, 504
Mountaine (George), Bishop of London, G.Y. sculpsit, 506

Newcastle Family, by Clowet, 503

O'Toole (Arthurus Severus Nonesuch), by Delaram, 506

Paston (Lady), wife of Sir W. Paston, by Faithorne, 504
(Sir William), by Faithorne, ib.
Pembroke (Herbert, Earl of), by Hollar, 502
(Mary, Countess of), by Passe, 504
(Penelope, Countess of), by Hollar, ib.
(Ann Clifford, Countess of), by R. White, ib.
Portman (Sir William), 506

Rawdon (Marmaduke), by White, 506
Reynell (Carew), 504
Rupert (Prince), by Faithorne, 506
sold by R. Peake, 504

Sack (Mull'd), sold by Compton Holland, 511
Sackville (Richard, Earl of Dorset), by Passe, 506
Shaftesbury (Anthony, Earl of), by Blooteling, ib.
Sheffield (Baron Edmond), by Elstracke, ib.
Shirley (Lady Elizabeth), by Hollar, 503
The same, by do., ib.
Sidney (Sir Philip), by Elstracke, 505
Sidney (Robert, Viscount Lisle), by Passe, 506
Smith (Richard), by W. Sherwin, 503
Somerset (Edward, Earl of Worcester), by Passe, 505
Stone-Eater (The), by Hollar, 502

Vere (Henry, Earl of Oxford), sold by Compton Holland, 505
The same, by Payne, Passe, &c., 510
Verney (Sir Greville), by Loggan, 506

Wetenhall (Edward, Bishop of Corke and Ross), by Becket, ib.
Whitington (Richard, Lord Mayor of London), by Elstracke, 510
Willoughby (Sir Francis), by T. Man, 503
Windebank (Sir F.) and Lord Finch, 505
Wortley (Sir Francis), by Hertocks, 503
Wriothesley (Henry, Earl of Southampton), by Passe, 506
Wynn (Sir John, De Gwedir), by Vaughan, 506

York (James, Duke of), 505

Press, National. Want of, 551

Printers, English. Protected by the statute of Richard III., 114

Printing. Benefit of, 197

Print-sales. Barnard, 502, 503
Sir W. Musgrave, 503, 504
Miscellaneous, 604-506

Prints. Account of rare and curious ones, 502-511

Prospero. A book-auction bibliomaniac, 135

Psalters. The Author's Essay upon the ancient Psalters printed at Mentz, 42

Pynson (Richard), His books upon vellum, 216

Quin (Mr.). His passion for books printed upon vellum, 518

Quisquilius. A book-auction bibliomaniac, 126

Ranzau (Henry De). Inscription over his library door, 113

Ratcliffe (John). Account of his library, 392, 393
Comparison between the collections of West and Ratcliffe, 393

Rawlinson (Thomas). His passion for book-collecting, 343-346
Catalogues of his several book-sales, 344, 345

Rawlinson (Richard). Sale, and specimens, of his library, 369, 370

Rede, or Read (William, Bishop of Chichester), 192

Reed (Isaac). Some account of him and his library, 455, 456

Reformation. History of the, as connected with the Bibliomania, 228-238

Rembrandt. Account of the scarcest engravings by him, 507-509

Reprints of voluminous and useful works applauded, 549, 550

Revickzky (Count). Catalogue, and disposal, of his library, 92

Reviews. Their advantages and disadvantages, rise and progress, 16, 17

Richard De Bury, 185-188

Rinaldo. A book-auction bibliomaniac, 136

Ritson (Joseph). His character, under that of Sycorax, 7-9
Sale of his books, 448

Rive (Abbé Jean Joseph). See Bibliographical Index.

Roche (Mr.). His communication respecting Count M'Carthy, 518

Roscoe (Mr. William). Proposed to write a life of Erasmus, 222
His commendation of handsome book-binding, 514

Rosicrusius. A book-auction bibliomaniac, 127, 128

Roveray (Du). His publications commended, 481

Rowe Mores (Edward). Sale of his library, 501

Roxburgh (John, Duke of). Anecdote of, 523

Royal Institution. Catalogue of the library of, 99

Sales, Book. Account of their establishment, 304-308
Number of, in the years 1806-7, 456, 457

Satin. Books printed upon, 512

Saxius (Christopher). See Bibliographical Index.

Scaliger (Joseph). The author's estate compared with that of, 564

Scott (Robert). A celebrated bookseller, 310

Scott (Sir Walter). Beauty of his poetry, 410. See Bibliographical Index.

Scotus Erigena (Johannes). Account of his writings, 168

Scribes, or Scriveners. Ignorance of the ancient, 184

Seaman (Dr.) Catalogue of his books, 304-306

Sharp and Hailes. Their publications commended, 431

Sherington (Sir Walter). Regulations concerning his library, 194, 195

Similis. Inscription upon his tomb, 562

Smith (Consul). Catalogue of his library, 95, 376

Smith (Richard). Account and sale of his library, 302-304
Engraving of his portrait, 503

Smyth (George). Account of his library, 403

Snuff-box of Mr. L., 122

Soubise (Prince De). Catalogue of his library, 96

Southgate (Richard). Account of his collections, 419

Spencer (George John, Earl). His purchase of Count Revickzky's library, 92
His copies of the Mozarabic Missal & Breviary, 162
Copy of the Siege of Rhodes, printed by Caxton, 407
Copy of Pynson's edition of Chaucer's works, 417
Copies of illustrated Shakspeares, 498
Copy of Pliny, printed by Sweynhem and Pannartz, upon vellum, 519
Eulogy upon his character, 524
Armorial ensigns of, 525
Copy of the "Assertio Septem," upon vellum, 565

Stafford (Marchioness of). Description of a private publication by, 533
Her skill in etching, 534

Stanley (Colonel). His fine copy of De Bry, 512

Steevens (George). Some account of, 427-440
Analysis of his library, 428-436
His verses on Eleanour Rummin, 437
His letters to Herbert, 438-440

Strange (John). His library commended, 441

Strawberry-Hill Press. Account of books printed there, 534, 540
Vignette device of the house, 540

Struvius. See Bibliographical Index.

Stubbes. See Bibliographical Index.

Surrey (Henry Howard, Earl of). His whistle, 241
An intended edition of his works by the Rev. Dr. Nott, ib.

Sutherland (Col. Alexander Hendras). His extraordinary copy of an illustrated Clarendon, 499

Sycorax. A literary character, 7-9

Sykes (Sir Mark Masterman). His copy of the Revickzky Catalogue, 92
of Rapin's History of England, 494

Tanner (Thomas, Bishop of St. Asaph). Account of his editorship of Wood's Athen. Oxon., 46
His Bibl. Brit. Hibernica, 52

Testament, Greek. Number of editions of, 542

Tewrdanckhs. A book so called, 65, 390

Theobald (Lewis). His love of old books, 343

Theodore (Archbishop of Canterbury), 165

Theological volumes. Great number of, in the Imperial Library at Paris, 109

Thuanas [De Thou, Jaques Auguste]. Account, and catalogue, of his library, 96

Thynne (William). A distinguished bibliomaniac, 242

Tiptoft (John, Earl of Worcester), 198, 199

Tiraboschi (Girolamo). See Bibliographical Index.

Titles of Books. Strangely lettered upon the binding, 88

Todd (Rev. Henry John). See Bibliographical Index.
His editions of Milton and Spenser commended, 550

Triphook (Mr. Robert)— bookseller, 308
His projected work on, 'The History of Playing Cards,' 399

Tristrem (Sir). A book-auction bibliomaniac, 134

Trithemius (John). Some account of, 541, 542
Wood-cut portrait of, 542

True Editions. Account of, 525-527

Tutet (Mark Cephas). Account of his library, 399, 400

Ulpian. A book-auction bibliomaniac, 132

Uncut Copies. Passion for the possession of, 494-496

Unique Copies. Illustration of, 511-514

Utterson (Mr. Edward Vernon). His copy of Stubbes's Anatomy of Abuses, 279
of Scott's Discoverie of Witchcraft, 492

Vallière (Duc De La). Anecdote of him and the Abbé Rive, 59
Catalogues of his library, 97

Vellum, books printed upon, 68, 97, 321, 322— but see particularly 515-521

Visitors of ancient Monasteries, 231

Wakefield (Robert), 235, 413

Walpole (Francis). Heraldic quarterings of, 100

Walpole (Horace). See 'Strawberry Hill Press.'

Wanley (Humphrey). Some account of, 346, 347

Warton (Thomas). Celebrated under the character of Menander, 7

West (James). Account of, and analysis of his library, 376-383
Prices of some of his books sold by auction, 377, 380, 381
Comparison of his library with J. Ratcliffe's, 393

Wicliffe (John). Bishop Fell's character of, 318
Mr. Baber's edition of his New Testament, 339
Life of, by Lewis, 340

Wilbraham (Mr. Roger). His copy of the 'Manner and Forme of Confession,' 224

Wilkes (John). Account of his Library, 447

Wilson (Thomas, Bishop of Sodor and Man). His edition of the Bible, 109

Witches. Tracts relating to, at Brand's sale, 454

Wolfius (John). See Bibliographical Index.
Wood-cut portrait of, 112

Wolsey (Thomas, Cardinal), 225-228
His character by Skelton, Roy, and Tyndale, 225, 226, 227
Fine books presented to him, 227

Wood (Anthony). Some account of, 312-316. See Bibliographical Index.
Woodcut portrait of, 315

Woodford (Emperor John Alexander). Sale of his library, 459

Woodhouse (Mr. John). His collection of prints, 441-444
His collection of books, 444-446

Worsley (Dr.). Sale of his books by auction, 306

Worsley (Sir Richard). His 'Museum Worsleyanum,' 532

Wright (Richard, M.D.). Account of his library, 401, 402

Wynne (Edward). Account of his library, 323, 324

Ximenes (Cardinal Francis). See Bibliographical Index.
Life of him by Lord Holland, or Mr. Southey, a literary desideratum, 160

Youth. Character and History of the Education of the ancient English Youth, 282-285

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