Bibliomania, by Thomas Frognall Dibdin

Table of Contents

Preface to the second edition of 1842.

Preface to the first edition of 1809.

To the Reader.


The Bibliomania.

Part i. The Evening Walk.

On the Right Uses of Literature.

Part ii. The Cabinet.

Outline of Foreign and Domestic Bibliography.

Part iii. The Auction Room.

Character of Orlando. Of Ancient Prices of Books, and Book-Binding. Book-Auction Bibliomaniacs.

Part iv. The Library.

Dr. Henry’s History of Great Britain. A Game at Chess. — Of Monachism and Chivalry. Dinner at Lorenzo’s. Some Account of Book-Collectors in England.

Part v. The Drawing Room.

History of the Bibliomania, or Account Of Book Collectors, Concluded.

Part vi. The Alcove.

Symptoms of the Bibliomania. —— Probable Means Of its Cure.

The Supplement.

Indexes. Chronological, Bibliographical, And General.

Chronological Index. Lovers and Collectors of Books in Great Britain.
Bibliographical Index.
General Index.

Notes to this edition

The copious footnotes of the original, denoted by numbers in the section entitled The Bibliomania, and by symbols in the remainder of the book, are consecutively numbered in this edition; footnotes within footnotes are lettered A to H.

Spelling and typographical errors are retained as they appear in the original. They are underlined in red, with a popup Transcriber's Note containing the correct spelling. with the exception of minor errors which have been corrected without note. Inconsistent diacriticals and hyphenation have been retained as they appear in the original.

There are frequent inconsistencies in the spelling of certain proper names. These have been retained as they appear in the original, for example:

Page references, including those in the Indexes, do not distinguish between references appearing in the main text and those appearing in footnotes. Therefore, in this e-book, where the referenced matter does not appear in the main text on the linked page, it can be found in the nearest footnote.

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