Bibliomania, by Thomas Frognall Dibdin


Part I. The Evening Walk. On the right uses of Literature p. 3-20.
II. The Cabinet. Outline of Foreign and Domestic Bibliography p. 23-92.
III. The Auction-Room. Character of Orlando. Of ancient Prices of Books, and of Book-Binding. Book-Auction Bibliomaniacs p. 103-139.
IV. The Library. Dr. Henry's History of Great Britain. A Game at Chess. Of Monachism and Chivalry. Dinner at Lorenzo's. Some Account of Book Collectors in England p. 143-207.
V. The Drawing Room. History of the Bibliomania, or Account of Book Collectors, concluded p. 211-463.
VI. The Alcove. Symptoms of the Disease called the Bibliomania. Probable Means of its Cure p. 467-565.


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Bibliographical Index.

General Index.


Published by the proprietor (for the new edition) of the Rev. Dr. Dibdins Bibliomania, 1840.

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