Consolation of Philosophy, by Boetius

Table of Contents



Book I. The Sorrows of Boethius.

  1. Boethius’ Complaint.
  2. His Despondency.
  3. The Mists Dispelled.
  4. Nothing Can Subdue Virtue.
  5. Boethius’ Prayer.
  6. All Things have Their Needful Order
  7. The Perturbations of Passion.

Book II. The Vanity of Fortune’s Gifts

  1. Fortune’s Malice.
  2. Man’s Covetousness.
  3. All Passes.
  4. The Golden Mean.
  5. The Former Age.
  6. Nero’s Infamy.
  7. Glory May Not Last.
  8. Love is Lord of All.

Book III. True Happiness and False.

  1. The Thorns of Error.
  2. The Bent of Nature.
  3. The Insatiableness of Avarice.
  4. Disgrace of Honours Conferred by a Tyrant.
  5. Self-Mastery.
  6. True Nobility.
  7. Pleasure’s Sting.
  8. Human Folly.
  9. Invocation.
  10. The True Light.
  11. Reminiscence.
  12. Orpheus and Eurydice.

Book IV. Good and ILL Fortune.

  1. The Soul’s Flight.
  2. The Bondage of Passion.
  3. Circe’s Cup.
  4. The Unreasonableness of Hatred.
  5. Wonder and Ignorance.
  6. The Universal Aim.
  7. The Hero’s Path.

Book V. Free Will and God’s Foreknowledge.

  1. Chance.
  2. The True Sun.
  3. Truth’s Paradoxes.
  4. A Psychological Fallacy.
  5. The Upward Look.


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