Journal of a tour of discovery across the Blue Mountains, New South Wales, in the year 1813, by Gregory Blaxland

Appendix 4.
Copy of letter written by Frank M. Bladen, Editor “Historical Records of N.S.W.,” 3/3/1904, to Mr. Charles R. Blaxland, of Wollun, a grandson of the explorer

I have read your letter printed in the “Lithgow Mercury” of the 11th September, 1903, and bearing on the discovery of a pass over the Blue Mountains in May, 1813.

I have before me the journals of each of the three men (Gregory Blaxland, William Lawson, and William Charles Wentworth), who, with four servants, formed the expedition; so far as these records go, they serve to prove that Gregory Blaxland was the leader of the party; and I do not know of any evidence written or traditional which disputes his claim. There is certainly no reliable evidence which points to Wentworth as being the leader, nor did he ever claim to have been so.

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