The Drawings and Engravings of William Blake, by William Blake

List of Illustrations

  1. The Penance of Jane Shore. (About 1778). Tinted drawing, varnished
  2. The Breach in a City. (1784). Indian-ink, with slight colour
  3. Youth learning from Age. Indian-ink and water-colours.
  4. Har and Heva bathing, Mnetha behind. Design for Tiriel. Indian-ink
  5. Har and Tiriel, Heva and Mnetha. Design for Tiriel. Indian-ink
  6. The Blossom, from Songs of Innocence. (1789). Coloured print
  7. The Divine Image, from Songs of Innocence. (1789). Coloured print
  8. The Bard, from Gray. Tempera.
  9. The Agony in the Garden. Tempera.
  10. Title-page of Thel. (1789). Coloured print of the design without the title
  11. Page 4 of Thel. Lightly tinted
  12. Page 4 of Thel. (1789). Coloured print without text
  13. The Flight into Egypt. (1790). Tempera.
  14. The Nativity. Tempera
  15. Bathsheba. Tempera.
  16. Job’s Complaint. (About 1792). Indian-ink.
  17. Two Engravings for The Gates of Paradise. (1793).
  18. Two Engravings for The Gates of Paradise. (1793).
  19. Visions of the Daughters of Albion. (1793). The Argument. Coloured print.
  20. Page 7 of America. (1793). Uncoloured.
  21. Page ii of America. (1793). Uncoloured.
  22. Youth carrying a Cherub. Frontispiece to Songs of Experience. (1794). Coloured print.
  23. Hear the Voice of the Bard! Introduction to Songs of Experience. (1794). Coloured print.
  24. Page 2 of Urizen. (1794). Coloured print (without text)
  25. Page 7 of Urizen. Coloured print (without text).
  26. Page 8 of Urizen. Coloured print.
  27. Page 19 of Urizen (Los, Enitharmon and Ore). Coloured print
  28. Page 20 of Urizen. Coloured print.
  29. Page 26 of Urizen (The Nets of Urizen). Coloured print
  30. The Ancient of Days. Frontispiece to Europe. (1794). Coloured print
  31. The House of Death; The Lazar-House of Milton. (1795). Colour-printed drawing.
  32. Hecate. Colour-printed drawing
  33. Oberon and Titania resting on Lilies. Page 5 of The Song of Los
  34. Glad Day. Coloured print
  35. Unknown Subject. Coloured print.
  36. Pity, from Macbeth. Colour-printed drawing.
  37. The Elohim creating Adam. (1795). Colour-printed drawing
  38. Satan exulting over Eve. (1795). Colour-printed drawing
  39. Oberon and Titania. Water-colours.
  40. The Sacrifice of Isaac. Tempera
  41. Christ interceding for the Magdalen. Tempera.
  42. Elijah in the Chariot of Fire. (1795). Colour-printed drawing
  43. Job confessing his Presumption to God. Water-colours
  44. The Crucifixion. (1801). Water-colours.
  45. The Entombment. Water-colours.
  46. The Stoning of Achan. Water-colours.
  47. The Eagle and the Child. (1802). Indian-ink drawing for illustration to Hayley’s Ballad.
  48. The Death of the Virgin. Water-colours.
  49. The Death of Saint Joseph. Water-colours.
  50. The Rainbow over the Flood. Indian-ink.
  51. The Three Maries at the Sepulchre. (1803). Water-colours
  52. Nelson guiding Leviathan. Tempera.
  53. Mary Magdalen washing the Feet of Jesus. Water-colours
  54. Ruth and Naomi. Water-colours.
  55. David delivered out of Many Waters. Water-colours
  56. Page 4 of Milton. (1804). Coloured print.
  57. Page 36 of Milton. (1804). Blake’s Cottage at Felpham. Coloured print
  58. Page 38 of Milton. (1804). Coloured print.
  59. Design on page 8 of Jerusalem. (Begun 1804). Uncoloured
  60. Design on page 28 of Jerusalem. Uncoloured.
  61. Page 31 of Jerusalem. Uncoloured
  62. Page 35 of Jerusalem. Uncoloured.
  63. Design on page 41 of Jerusalem. Uncoloured.
  64. Page 70 of Jerusalem. Uncoloured.
  65. Page 76 of Jerusalem. Uncoloured.
  66. The River of Life. Water-colours.
  67. Fire. Water-colours
  68. Famine. (1805). Water-colours
  69. Dedication to the Queen, for Blair’s Grave. (1806). Pencil and tint (not engraved).
  70. Satan watching the Endearments of Adam and Eve (Paradise Lost). (1806). Water-colours.
  71. The Finding of Moses. Water-colours.
  72. The Infant Jesus praying. Water-colours.
  73. The Woman taken in Adultery. Water-colours.
  74. The Burial of Moses. Water-colours.
  75. The Temptation. Water-colours
  76. The Ascension. Water-colours
  77. Angels hovering over the Body of Jesus. (1808). Water-colours
  78. The Angel rolling away the Stone from the Sepulchre. (1808). Water-colours
  79. Jacob’s Ladder. (1808). Water-colours.
  80. The Creation of Eve (Paradise Lost). Water-colours.
  81. Queen Catherine’s Dream. Water-colours
  82. The Judgment of Paris. (1817). Water-colours.
  83. Four Subjects from A. Phillips’ Imitation of Virgil’s First Eclogue. (1821). Woodcuts, first state.
  84. Four Subjects from A. Phillips’ Imitation of Virgil’s First Eclogue. (1821). Woodcuts, first state.
  85. The Wise and Foolish Virgins. (1822). Water-colours
  86. Mirth. Design for Milton’s L J Allegro. Stipple-engraving
  87. The Fire of God is fallen from Heaven. Job, pi. 3. Line-engraving.
  88. Then a Spirit passed before my Face. Job, pi. 9. Line-engraving
  89. I am Young and Ye are Very Old. Job, pi. 12. Line-engraving
  90. The Lord answering Job out of the Whirlwind. Job, pi. 13. Line-engraving
  91. The Morning Stars singing together. Job, pi. 14. Line-engraving.
  92. Job and his Daughters. Job, pi. 20. Line-engraving.
  93. Study for Job and his Daughters. (A different design). Pencil and Indian-ink.
  94. So the Lord blessed the Latter End of Job. Job, pi. 21. Line-engraving
  95. Satan smiting Job. Tempera
  96. The Tempter (Paradise Regained), No. 7. Water-colours
  97. The Tempter Foiled (Paradise Regained), No. 10. Water-colours
  98. Paolo and Francesca. Dante, Inferno, Canto V. Line-engraving, first state
  99. The Falsifiers. Dante, Inferno, Canto XXIX. Line-engraving, first state
  100. Lucia carrying Dante in his sleep. Dante, Purgatorio, Canto IX. Water-colours
  101. The Angel in the Boat. Dante, Purgatorio, Canto II. Pencil and slight colour-wash.
  102. The Earthly Paradise: Beatrice in the Car. Dante, Purgatorio, Canto XXIX. Water-colours
  103. Portrait of Mrs. Blake. Lead pencil.
  104. Portrait of William Blake at work, 1820. By John Linnell. Lead pencil
  105. Portrait of William Blake on Hampstead Heath, 1821. By John Linnell. Lead pencil

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