The Enemies of Books, by William Blades

List of Plates.

THE Plates are intended to show some of the various ways in which books can be illustrated. They include specimens of Etching, Wood Engraving, Woodbury–Type, Lithography and Photo-typography.

  1. Frontispiece. Portrait of John Bagford, F.A.S.

    It is printed from a raised surface, the original being photographed direct on a zinc plate which is then bitten out by an acid solution.

  2. Plate II. The destruction of Books of Magic at Ephesus.

    This was designed and drawn upon wood by Mr. J. Hodson, and engraved and printed in the usual way.

  3. Plate III. Rain-water conducted by Ivy into the Bookshelves of a Library.

    Designed and etched by H. Ponsonby Angley, Esq., a gentleman Amateur, and printed from the plate.

  4. Plate IV. A charwoman lighting a vestry fire with the leaves of Chaucer's "Canterbury Tales" printed by Caxton.

    Designed, etched and printed as Plate III.

  5. Plate V. Devastation of the Bookworm.

    This is the process of the Woodbury Permanent Photographic Printing Company, Limited.

  6. Plate VI. A magnified Bookworm of the 17th century.

    This is traced exactly from the original engravings and printed in the usual way from stone.

  7. Plate VII, A schoolmaster securing books by burying them under the floor.

    Designed, etched and printed as Plate III.

John Bagford, Shoemaker and Biblioclast.

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