The Hawaiian Archipelago, by Isabella L. Bird

Table of Contents

Introductory Chapter.
Letter I. Nevada, North Pacific, January 19.
Letter II. Hotel, Honolulu, Jan. 26th.
Letter III. Hotel, Jan. 28th.
Letter IV. Hilo. Hawaii.
Letter V. Volcano of Kilauea, Jan. 31.
Letter VI. Hilo. Hawaii, Feb. 3.
Letter VII. Hilo. Hawaii.
Letter VIII. Onomea, Hawaii. Judge Austin’s.
Letter IX. Onomea, Hawaii.
Letter X. Waipio Valley, Hawaii.
Letter X. —(continued.)
Letter XI. Hilo. Hawaii.
Letter XII. Hilo, February 22.
Letter XIII. Hilo. Hawaii. February.
Letter XIV. Hilo. Hawaii.
Letter XV. Waimea. Hawaii.
Letter XVI. Waimanu Valley. Hawaii.
Letter XVII. Str. Kilauea.
Letter XVIII. Hawaiian Hotel, Honolulu. March 20th.
Letter XIX. Hawaiian Hotel, Honolulu.
Letter XX. Koloa, Kauai, March 23rd.
Letter XXI. Makaueli, Kauai.
Letter XXII. Lihue. Kauai.
Letter XXIII. Lihue. Kauai, April 17.
Letter XXIV. Ulupalakua. Maui. May 12th.
Letter XXV. Kalaieha. Hawaii.
Letter XXVI. “My Camp,” Hawaiian Slopes. May 21.
Letter XXVII. Hilo. June 1.
A Chapter on the Leper Settlement on Molokai.
Letter XXVIII. Hilo. June 2nd.
Letter XXIX. Crater House, Kilauea. June 4th.
Letter XXIX. — Continued. Kapapala, June 8th.
Letter XXX. Ridge House, Kona, Hawaii. June 12.
Letter XXXI. Hawaiian Hotel, Honolulu. August 6th.
A Chapter on Hawaiian Affairs.
A Chapter on Hawaiian History.

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