Present at a Hanging, by Ambrose Bierce

Table of Contents

The Ways of Ghosts

  1. Present at a Hanging
  2. A Cold Greeting
  3. A Wireless Message
  4. An Arrest


  1. A Man with Two Lives
  2. Three and One are One
  3. A Baffled Ambuscade
  4. Two Military Executions

Some Haunted Houses

  1. The Isle of Pines
  2. A Fruitless Assignment
  3. A Vine on a House
  4. At Old Man Eckert’s
  5. The Spook House
  6. The Other Lodgers
  7. The Thing at Nolan

“Mysterious Disappearances”

  1. The Difficulty of Crossing a Field
  2. An Unfinished Race
  3. Charles Ashmore’s Trail
  4. Science to the Front

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