The Rover, Part II, by Aphra Behn

Dramatis Personae.

Willmore, The Rover, in love with La Nuche, Mr. Smith.
Beaumond, the English Ambassador’s Nephew, in love with La Nuche, contracted to Ariadne, Mr. Williams.
Ned Blunt, an English Country Gentleman, Mr. Underhill.
Nicholas Fetherfool, an English Squire, his Friend, Mr. Nokes.
Shift, an English Lieutenant, Mr. Wiltshire.
Friends and Officers to Willmore, Mr. Richards.
Hunt, an Ensign, Mr. Norris.
Harlequin, Willmore’s Man Mr. Freeman.
Abevile, Page to Beaumond
Don Carlo, an old Grandee, in love with La Nuche,
Sancho, Bravo to La Nuche.
An old Jew, Guardian to the two Monsters,
Porter at the English Ambassador’s.
Rag, Boy to Willmore.
Ariadne, the English Ambassador’s Daughter-in-law, in love with Willmore, Mrs. Corror.
Lucia, her Kinswoman, a Girl, Mrs. Norris.
La Nuche, a Spanish Curtezan, in love with the Rover, Mrs. Barry.
Petronella Elenora, her Baud, Mrs. Norris.
Aurelia, her Woman, Mrs. Crofts.
A Woman Giant.
A Dwarf, her Sister.
Footmen, Servants, Musicians, Operators and Spectators.

SCENE: Madrid.

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