The Art of Aubrey Beardsley, by Aubrey Beardsley

Table of Contents


Aubrey Beardsley

List of Illustrations

  1. Portrait of Aubrey Beardsley.
  2. The Litany of Mary Magdalen.
  3. A Portrait of Aubrey Beardsley. By Himself.
  4. Incipit Vita Nova.
  5. Sandro Botticelli.
  6. “Siegfried.” From “The Studio.”
  7. Merlin. From “Le Morte d’Arthur.”
  8. Vignette. From “Le Morte d’Arthur.”
  9. La Beale Isoud at Joyous Card. From “Le Morte d’Arthur.”
  10. How Queen Guenever Made Her a Nun. From “Le Morte d’Arthur.
  11. “Of a Neophyte and How the Black Art Was Revealed Unto Him.”
  12. The Kiss of Judas.
  13. A Suggested Reform in Ballet Costume.
  14. Baron Verdigris.
  15. The Woman in the Moon.
  16. The Peacock Skirt.
  17. The Black Cape.
  18. The Platonic Lament.
  19. Enter Herodias.
  20. The Eyes of Herod.
  21. The Stomach Dance.
  22. The Toilette of Salome.
  23. The Dancer’s Reward.
  24. The Climax.
  25. The Toilette of Salome. First Drawing.
  26. John and Salome.
  27. Salome on Settle.
  28. Design for Tailpiece.
  29. Design for “Salome.” From “The Studio. ‘
  30. Design for the Cover of “The Yellow Book” Prospectus.
  31. Night Piece.
  32. Portrait of Mrs. Patrick Campbell.
  33. Title Page Ornament for “The Yellow Book.”
  34. Comedy Ballet of Marionettes, I. From “The Yellow Book.” Vol. II.
  35. Comedy Ballet of Marionettes, II. From “The Yellow Hook.” Vol. II.
  36. Comedy Ballet of Marionettes, III.
  37. Garcons de Cafe. From “The Yellow Book.” Vol. II.
  38. The Slippers of Cinderella.
  39. Portrait of Mantegna. From “The Yellow Book.” Vol. III.
  40. The Wagnerites. From “The Yellow Book.” Vol. III.
  41. La Dame Aux Camelias. From “The Yellow Book.” Vol. III.
  42. Madame Rejane.
  43. Portrait of Balzac.
  44. Design for Frontispiece to “An Evil Motherhood.”
  45. Design for Front Cover of “Pierrot.”
  46. Design for End Paper of “Pierrot.”
  47. Design for End Paper of “Pierrot.”
  48. Lysistrata.
  49. An Athenian Woman.
  50. Myrrhina.
  51. The Dream.
  52. The Baron’s Prayer.
  53. The Rape of the Lock.
  54. Design for the Prospectus of “The Savoy.”
  55. Another Design for the Prospectus of “The Savoy.”
  56. Cover Design. From “The Savoy” No. 1.
  57. Contents Page. From “The Savoy” No. 1.
  58. The Abbe. From “Under the Hill.”
  59. The Fourth Tableau of “Das Rheingold.”
  60. Erda. To illustrate “Das Rheingold.”
  61. Flosshilde. To illustrate “Das Rheingold.”
  62. The Death of Pierrot.
  63. Ave Atque Vale: Catullus, Carmen, CI.
  64. Aubrey Beardsley’s Book–Plate.

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