The Passing of the Aborigines, by Daisy Bates

Table of Contents

Prologue: A Vanished People
  1. Meeting with the Aborigines
  2. In a Trappist Monastery
  3. Sojourn in the Dreamtime
  4. The Beginning of Initiation
  5. The End of Initiation, the Blood-Drinking
  6. Three Thousand Miles in a Side-Saddle
  7. Last of the Bibbulmun Race
  8. South-West Pilgrimage
  9. Isles of the Dead
  10. I Inherit a Gold Mine
  11. with the Desert Tribes
  12. Across the Bight by Camel Buggy
  13. Wirilya’s Pleasant Vale
  14. by Yuria Water
  15. First Days at Ooldea
  16. A Revolution and a Royal Visit
  17. Introduction to Civilization
  18. My Friends the Birds
  19. In the Grip of the Drought
  20. Interlude
  21. Birth and Death, Healing Arts and Justice
Epilogue: Leave-taking

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