The Lining of the Patch-Work Screen, by Jane Barker

Table of Contents

To the Ladies.

The Lining to the Patch−Work Screen.

  1. The Story of Captain Manly.
  2. The Adventures of an English Knight
  3. The Cause of the Moors Over−running Spain.
  4. The Story of Philinda,
  5. Philinda's Story out of the Book.
  6. The Story of Mrs. Goodwife.
  7. The Story of The Portugueze Nun.
  8. The History of The Lady Gypsie.
  9. The Story of Tangerine, The Gentleman Gypsie.
  10. The History of Dorinda.
  11. The Story of Young Jack Mechant.
  12. The Story of Bellemien
  13. The History of Malhurissa
  14. The Story of Succubella
  15. Considerations out of Mr. Dyke's Book.
  16. Galecia's Dream;
  17. The Story of Mrs. Castoff.

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