The Book of Were-Wolves, by S. Baring-Gould

Table of Contents

  1. Introductory.
  2. Lycanthropy among the Ancients.
  3. The Were-wolf in the North.
  4. The Origin of the Scandinavian Were-wolf.
  5. The Were-wolf in the Middle-ages.
  6. A Chamber of Horrors.
  7. Jean Grenier.
  8. Folk-lore Relating to Were-wolves.
  9. Natural Causes of Lycanthropy.
  10. Mythological Origin of the Were-wolf Myth.
  11. The Maréchal De Retz.-i. The Investigation of Charges.
  12. The Maréchal De Retz.—ii. The Trial.
  13. The Maréchal De Retz.—iii. The Sentence and Execution.
  14. A Galician Were-Wolf.
  15. Anomalous case.—The Human Hyæna.
  16. A Sermon on Were-Wolves.

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