Tropic Days, by E. J. Banfield

Table of Contents

Part I. — Sun Days

In Idle Moment
Eternal Sunshine
Fragrance and Fruit
The Scene-Shifter
Beach Plants
“Smiling Morn”
Ancestral Shade
Quiet Waters
“The Lowing Herd”
Babbling Beaches
The Lost Isle

Part II. — The Passing Face

The Corroboree
The Canoe-Maker
Two Ladies
Blue Shirt
The Forgotten Dead
Eagles-Nest Float
Nature in Retaliation
“Star Run About”
Blacks as Fishermen

Part III. — Miscellanea

Snake and Frog Prattle
The Bush Track
The Little Brown Man
Up and Away
Tropic Days
“Passeth All Understanding”
Time’s Finger
The Soul Within the Stone

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