Last Leaves from Dunk Island, by E. J. Banfield

Table of Contents

Part I

The Tempest
Sounds and Sweet Airs
The Wonderful Season
Thunder Season
A Homely Garden
In Reserve
The Serene Sea
Tropic Glory

Part II

The Pigling and the Piccaninny
Peter: A Fisher of Men
Billy Too-Gal’s Ghost
The Passing of Sam
Sambo’s Strategy
A Bush Oculist
Frank Edward’s Fall
Billy, the Guide
Cause and Effect

Part III

A Spinner of Sand
Metallic Starlings
The Sunbird
The Swamp Pheasant
Swifts and Swiftlets
Character in Birds
A Sanctuary Problem
A Jungle Flower
The Reef Mantis
Reef Jewellery
An Isle and a Reef
Dogs that have Been
Facts and Musings

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