Ursula, by Honoré de Balzac

Table of Contents

  1. The Frightened Heirs
  2. The Rich Uncle
  3. The Doctor’s Friends
  4. Zelie
  5. Ursula
  6. A Treatise on Mesmerism
  7. A Two-Fold Conversion
  8. The Conference
  9. A First Confidence
  10. The Family of Portenduere
  11. Savinien Saved
  12. Obstacles to Young Love
  13. Betrothal of Hearts
  14. Ursula Again Orphaned
  15. The Doctor’s Will
  16. The Two Adversaries
  17. The Malignity of Provincial Minds
  18. A Two-Fold Vengeance
  19. Apparitions
  20. Remorse
  21. Showing How Difficult it is to Steal that Which Seems Very Easily Stolen


To Mademoiselle Sophie Surville,

It is a true pleasure, my dear niece, to dedicate to you this book, the subject and details of which have won the approbation, so difficult to win, of a young girl to whom the world is still unknown, and who has compromised with none of the lofty principles of a saintly education. Young girls are indeed a formidable public, for they ought not to be allowed to read books less pure than the purity of their souls; they are forbidden certain reading, just as they are carefully prevented from seeing social life as it is. Must it not therefore be a source of pride to a writer to find that he has pleased you?

God grant that your affection for me has not misled you. Who can tell? — the future; which you, I hope, will see, though not, perhaps,

Your uncle, De Balzac.


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