The Coral Island, by R. M. Ballantyne

Table of Contents

  1. Beginning — My Early Life and Character — I Thirst for Adventure in Foreign Lands, and Go to Sea.
  2. The Departure — The Sea — My Companions — Some Account of the Wonderful Sights We Saw on the Great Deep — A Dreadful Storm And a Frightful Wreck.
  3. The Coral Island — Our First Cogitations After Landing and the Result of Them — We Conclude that the Island is Uninhabited.
  4. We Examine into Our Personal Property, and Make a Happy Discovery — Our Island Described — Jack Proves Himself to Be Learned and Sagacious Above His Fellows — Curious Discoveries — Natural Lemonade!
  5. Morning, and Cogitations Connected Therewith — We Luxuriate in the Sea, Try Our Diving Powers, and Make Enchanting Excursions Among the Coral Groves at the Bottom of the Ocean — The Wonders of the Deep Enlarged Upon.
  6. An Excursion into the Interior in which We Make Many Valuable and Interesting Discoveries — We Get a Dreadful Fright — The Bread-Fruit Tree — Wonderful Peculiarity of Some of the Fruit-Trees — Signs of Former Inhabitants.
  7. Jack’s Ingenuity — We Get into Difficulties About Fishing, and Get Out of Them by a Method which Gives Us a Cold Bath — Horrible Encounter with a Shark.
  8. The Beauties of the Bottom of the Sea Tempt Peterkin to Dive — How he Did it — More Difficulties Overcome — The Water Garden — Curious Creatures of the Sea — The Tank — Candles Missed Very Much, and the Candle-Nut Tree Discovered — Wonderful Account of Peterkin’s First Voyage — Cloth Found Growing on a Tree — A Plan Projected, and Arms Prepared for Offence and Defence — A Dreadful Cry.
  9. Prepare for a Journey Round the Island — Sagacious Reflections — Mysterious Appearances and Startling Occurrences.
  10. Make Discovery of Many Excellent Roots and Fruits — The Resources of the Coral Island Gradually Unfolded — The Banyan Tree — Another Tree which is Supported by Natural Planks — Water-Fowl Found — A Very Remarkable Discovery, and a Very Peculiar Murder — We Luxuriate on the Fat of the Land.
  11. Effects of Overeating, and Reflections Thereon — Humble Advice Regarding Cold Water — The “Horrible Cry” Accounted For — The Curious Birds Called Penguins — Peculiarity of the Cocoa-Nut Palm — Questions on the Formation of Coral Islands — Mysterious Footsteps — Strange Discoveries and Sad Sights.
  12. Something Wrong with the Tank — Jack’s Wisdom and Peterkin’s Impertinence — Wonderful Behaviour of a Crab — Good Wishes For Those who Dwell Far from the Sea — Jack Commences to Build a Little Boat.
  13. Notable Discovery at the Spouting Cliffs — The Mysterious Green Monster Explained — We are Thrown into Unutterable Terror by the Idea that Jack is Drowned — The Diamond Cave.
  14. Strange Peculiarity of the Tides — Also of the Twilight — Peterkin’s Remarkable Conduct in Embracing a Little Pig and Killing a Big Sow — Sage Remarks on Jesting — Also on Love.
  15. Boat-Building Extraordinary — Peterkin Tries His Hand at Cookery, and Fails Most Signally — The Boat Finished — Curious Conversation with the Cat, and Other Matters.
  16. The Boat Launched — We Visit the Coral Reef — The Great Breaker that Never Goes Down — Coral Insects — The Way in which Coral Islands are Made — The Boats Sail — We Tax Our Ingenuity to Form Fish-Hooks — Some of the Fish We Saw — And a Monstrous Whale — Wonderful Shower of Little Fish — Waterspouts.
  17. A Monster Wave and its Consequences — The Boat Lost and Found — Peterkin’s Terrible Accident — Supplies of Food for a Voyage in the Boat — We Visit Penguin Island, and are Amazed Beyond Measure — Account of the Penguins.
  18. An Awful Storm and its Consequences — Narrow Escape — A Rock Proves a Sure Foundation — A Fearful Night and a Bright Morning — Deliverance from Danger.
  19. Shoemaking — The Even Tenor of Our Way Suddenly Interrupted — An Unexpected Visit and an Appalling Battle — We All Become Warriors, and Jack Proves Himself to Be a Hero.
  20. Intercourse with the Savages — Cannibalism Prevented — The Slain are Buried and the Survivors Depart, Leaving Us Again Alone on Our Coral Island.
  21. Sagacious and Moral Remarks in Regard to Life — A Sail! — An Unexpected Salute — The End of the Black Cat — A Terrible Dive — An Incautious Proceeding and a Frightful Catastrophe.
  22. I Fall into the Hands of Pirates — How They Treated Me, and what I Said to Them — The Result of the Whole Ending in a Melancholy Separation and in a Most Unexpected Gift.
  23. Bloody Bill — Dark Surmises — A Strange Sail, and a Strange Crew, and a Still Stranger Cargo — New Reasons for Favouring Missionaries — A Murderous Massacre, and Thoughts Thereon.
  24. Bloody Bill is Communicative and Sagacious — Unpleasant Prospects — Retrospective Meditations Interrupted by Volcanic Agency — The Pirates Negotiate with a Feejee Chief — Various Etceteras that are Calculated to Surprise and Horrify.
  25. The Sandal-Wood Party — Native Children’s Games Somewhat Surprising — Desperate Amusements Suddenly and Fatally Brought To a Close — An Old Friend Recognised — News — Romata’s Mad Conduct.
  26. Mischief Brewing — My Blood is Made to Run Cold — Evil Consultations and Wicked Resolves — Bloody Bill Attempts to Do Good, and Fails — The Attack — Wholesale Murder — The Flight — The Escape.
  27. Reflections — The Wounded Man — The Squall — True Consolation — Death.
  28. Alone on the Deep — Necessity the Mother of Invention — A Valuable Book Discovered — Natural Phenomenon — A Bright Day in My History.
  29. The Effect of a Cannon-Shot — A Happy Reunion of a Somewhat Moist Nature — Retrospect and Explanations — An Awful Dive — New Plans — The Last of the Coral Island.
  30. The Voyage — The Island, and a Consultation in which Danger is Scouted as a Thing Unworthy of Consideration — Rats and Cats — The Native Teacher — Awful Revelations — Wonderful Effects of Christianity.
  31. A Strange and Bloody Battle — The Lion Bearded in His Den — Frightful Scenes of Cruelty, and Fears for the Future.
  32. An Unexpected Discovery, and a Bold, Reckless Defiance, with its Consequences — Plans of Escape, and Heroic Resolves.
  33. The Flight — The Pursuit — Despair and its Results — The Lion Bearded in His Den Again — Awful Danger Threatened and Wonderfully Averted — A Terrific Storm.
  34. Imprisonment — Sinking Hopes — Unexpected Freedom to More than One, and in More Senses than One.
  35. Conclusion.

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