Friar Bacon His Discovery of the Miracles of Art, Nature, and Magick

Chap. X.


Of the same Subject another way.

IN the 602. Arabian year you intreated me for some Secrets. Take then the Stone, and calcine it with a light assation and strong contrition, or with acute things. But in the end mingle it a little with sweet water, and compound a Laxative Medicine of seven things (if you will) or of six, or of five, or as many as you please; but my mind rests in two things, whose proportion is better than the other fixt proportion, or thereabouts, as experience will teach you. Resolve notwithstanding the gold at the fire, and tried it better; Al. Mollius caleseant. but if you will credit me, take one thing that is the Secret of Secrets of Nature, able to do Miracles. Let it be mixed from two or more, or a Phoenix, which is a singular creature † at the fire, † Al. Adjunge. and incorporate by a strong motion: to which if hot liquor four or five times be applied, you have the composition. Yet afterwards the coelestial nature is deliberated, if you infuse hot water three or four times. Divide therefore the week from the strong in several vessels, if you believe me: Let that which is good be evacuated. Again, use the pouder, and the water which remains, carefully expresse: For of a certain, it will produce the parts of the pouder, not incorporated: therefore take the water by it self; because the pouder exiccated from it hath power to be incorporated into the Laxative Medicine. Work therefore as formerly, until you distinguish the strong from the weak, and apply the pouder three, four, five times or oftener, and work alwayes the way: And if you cannot work with with hot waters, do it with water of Alkali, and by such acute things you make the violence of the Medicine. But if by reason of the acuity and softnesse of the Medicine it be broken, the pouder, being applied, apply very carefully more of the hard and soft. But if it be by reason of the abundance of the pouder apply more of the Medicine; if it be by reason of the strength of the water, water it with pistils; Pistillo. and congregate the matter, as you can, and separate the water by little and little, and it will return to its state, which water you must exiccate: for it contains both pouder and water of the Medicine, which are to be incorporated, as the principle pouder. Here you may not sleep, because here is contained a very great and profitable Secret. If you rightly order in a right series of things, the parts of the Shrub or Willow, they will keep natural union: and do not deliver this to oblivion, for it is profitable for many things. You must mingle Pearls with the made union: Unione facta. as I think there will arise some thing like the Stone Iberus: and without doubt it mortifies that which is to be mortified by the vapour of Lead. You shall find Lead, if you expresse the living from the dead; and the dead you must bury in Olibanum and Sarcocolla. Keep this Secret, for it is of some profit, and so must you do with the vapour of Pearls, and the Stone Tagus, and you must (as I have said) bury the dead.

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