The Argonautica, by Apollonius Rhodius

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The Argonautica

  1. Invocation of Phoebus and cause of the expedition (1–22). — Catalogue of the Argonauts (23–233). — March of the heroes to the port: farewell of Jason and Alcimede (234–305). — Preparations for departure and launching of Argo: sacrifice to Apollo: prediction of Idmon (306–447). — The festival, insolence of Idas, song of Orpheus and departure (448–558). — Voyage along the coast of Thessaly and across to Lemnos (559–608). — Recent history of Lemnos and stay of the Argonauts there: farewell of Jason and Hypsipyle (609–909). — Voyage from Lemnos by Samothrace to the Propontis: reception by the Doliones of Cyzicus (910–988). — Fight against the Giants: departure and return of the Argonauts to Cyzicus: sacrifice to Rhea on Mt. Dindymum (989–1152). — Arrival among the Mysians: rape of Hylas, which is announced to Heracles (1153–1260). — While Heracles and Polyphemus search for Hylas they are left behind (1261–1328). — The fate of Heracles and Polyphemus: arrival of Argo among the Bebrycians (1329–1362).
  2. Fight between Polydeuces and Amycus, King of the Bebrycians; defeat and death of Amycus (1–97). — Victory of the Argonauts over the Bebrycians; arrival at the abode of Phineus (98–177). — History of Phineus and the Harpies, who are chased by Zetes and Calais, sons of Boreas (178–300). — Prediction of Phineus and return of the sons of Boreas (301–447). — Episode of Paraebius (448–499). — Origin of the Etesian winds (500–527). — Argo passes between the Symplegades by the aid of Athena (528–647). — Arrival at the isle Thynias; apparition of Apollo, to whom they pay honour (648–719). — Arrival among the Mariandyni, where King Lycus welcomes them (720–814). — Deaths of Idmon and Tiphys: Ancaeus chosen pilot (815–910). — The Argonauts pass Sinope and the Cape of the Amazons, and reach the Chalybes (911–1008). — Customs of the Tibareni and Mossynoeci (1009–1029). — Contest with the birds of the isle Aretias, where they meet with the sons of Phrixus, shipwrecked on their way to Hellas (1030–1225). — Arrival in Colchis (1226–1285).
  3. Invocation of the Muse, Erato (1–5). — Hera and Athena, after consultation, visit Cypris to ask the aid of her son Eros on behalf of the Argonauts (6–110). — Eros promises to pierce with an arrow Medea, daughter of Aeetes: Jason lays his plans before his comrades (111–209). — Arrival of Jason and a few chosen companions at the palace of Aeetes, which is described: Eros performs his promise (210–298). — Interview between Aeetes and the heroes: Jason undertakes the task imposed by the king as the price of obtaining the golden fleece (299–438). — Anguish of Medea because of her love for Jason (439–470). — On the advice of Argus, it is decided to apply for Medea’s aid through Chalciope, mother of Argus and sister of Medea (471–575). — Plans of Aeetes against the Argonauts (576–608). — Medea promises Chalciope to aid her sons and their companions (609–743)— After long hesitation Medea prepares to carry magic drugs to Jason and goes with her attendants to meet him at Hecate’s temple (744–911). — Interview of Jason and Medea: return of Medea to the palace (912–1162). — Aeetes hands over the dragons teeth to Jason’s messengers. Jason offers a nocturnal sacrifice to Hecate (1163–1224). — Preparations of Jason: he yokes the fiery bulls, sows the dragons teeth, and compels the giants who spring up to slay one another, himself joining in the slaughter: the task is accomplished (1225–1407).
  4. Invocation of the Muse (1–5). — Grief of Medea, who flies from the palace during the night and joins the Argonauts (6–91). — By the aid of Medea, Jason seizes and carries off the golden fleece, after which the Argonauts depart (92–211). — Pursued by the Colchians, they land in Paphlagonia, where Argus shows them the route to take (212–293). — The Argonauts sail up the Ister, by a branch of which they make their way into the Adriatic, where they find their progress barred by the Colchians, who had come by a shorter route (294–337). — Agreement between the Argonauts and the Colchians: Medea’s reproaches to Jason (338–451). — Murder of Apsyrtus by Jason: the Colchians give up the pursuit (452–551). — The Argonauts sail along the Eridanus into the Rhone, and reach the abode of Circe in Italy (552–684). — Jason and Medea are purified by Circe: the Argonauts pass the isle of the Sirens, Scylla, Charybdis, and the Planctae (685–981). — Arrival among the Phaeacians: here other Colchians reclaim Medea, and, to prevent her surrender, her marriage with Jason is celebrated (982–1169). — Departure of the Argonauts, who are driven by a storm on to the Syrtes: they carry Argo on their shoulders to the Tritonian lake (1170–1484). — Deaths of Canthus and Mopsus (1485–1536). — The god Triton conducts Argo from the lake into the sea (1537–1637). — Episode of the giant Talos in Crete (1638–1693). — Arrival at the isle Anaphe: the dream of Euphemus, which is interpreted by Jason: arrival at Aegina and at Pagasae, the end of the voyage (1694–1781).

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