The South Pole, by Roald Amundsen

Table of Contents

The First Account



  1. The History of the South Pole
  2. Plan and Preparations
  3. On the Way to the South
  4. From Madeira to the Barrier
  5. On the Barrier
  6. Depot Journeys
  7. Preparing for Winter
  8. A Day at Framheim
  9. The End of the Winter
  10. The Start for the Pole
  11. Through the Mountains
  12. At the Pole
  13. The Return to Framheim
  14. Northward
  15. The Eastern Sledge Journey
  16. The Voyage of the “Fram”, by First–Lieutenant Thorvald Nilsen


  1. The “Fram”
  2. Remarks on the Meteorological Observations at Framheim
  3. Geology
  4. The Astronomical Observations at the Pole
  5. Oceanography

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